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1. Some women naturally get wet during ovulation. A clever husband learns to discern when his wife is ovulating to take advantage of her wetness for more lovemaking

2. The purpose of a woman’s wetness is to make sexual intercourse which entails the friction between the penis and the vagina, pleasurable

3. When you don’t sufficiently make your wife wet, she will hurt during penetration

4. Making your wife sufficiently wet is in your best interest, your penis will enjoy more when she is really wet

5. When you hurt your wife’s emotions and heart, she will struggle to get wet for you

6. The goal of foreplay: kissing, fondling, sucking, rubbing is to prepare the wife for sex by making her wet

7. You can make your wife wet just by talking to her naughty, sexual things

8. You can use your wife’s wetness to rub her clitoris for extra pleasure

9. Some wives get wet at work and cannot wait to get home to husband and take her clothes off

10. When pumping inside and the wetness makes a sound, don’t be ashamed of it. Sometimes sex has a sound.

Ladies am I making sense here?