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Over the past week, issues about cheating has been on discus. People are discussing and arguing about the best way to treat their cheating partners. Some said, to divorce, others said, to cheat back and some are of the opinion that forgiveness is the best option.

There’s a saying that, “Prevention is better and cheaper than cure”. So, it’s better to avoid and prevent cheating on your partner than to start looking for a way to handle cheating.

Many people have cheated on their partners unintentionally. They don’t want to cheat but they fell into it unintentionally because they were careless and failed to be on the lookout.

Here are 10 ways to avoid cheating on your partner…

1. Decide That You Will Not Cheat

Until you decide to do or not do something, you haven’t started. Decision is the starting point of all achievements. Without decision nothing can be done. So, you must make this decision.

Even before you marry, you will have to make this decision that you are not going to cheat on your partner no matter what. Daniel in the land of Babylon purposed in his heart, he decided that he won’t defile himself with the king’s food. So, you too must decide not to cheat on your partner(Daniel 1:8).

2. Shut Your Eyes

After you got married or entered a relationship, you will keep seeing people more beautiful, handsome, richer, endowed and romantic than your partner and if your eyes are still open, the chances are high that you will cheat.

As a guy, shut your eyes against any other lady than your woman. As a lady, shut your eyes off every other man. King David saw a man’s wife bathing and he lost all his senses. He slept with the woman and even kill the woman’s husband! Close your eyes and look away(see 2 Sam 11:1-12; Job 31:1)

3. Avoid Sharing Your Problems With The Opposite Sex For Pity And Sympathy.

When I was in the village, there was this woman that was an expert in sharing her problems with the aim