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A hotel guest in Ndola looses life while chasing thieves

A GUEST at a lodge in Ndola has been shot dead by criminals he was chasing after they staged a robbery at the inn.

The stillness of the early morning at Shamilimo Lodge on yesterday was shattered by the screeching tyres and shouts that followed after a robbery at a truck stop in Masaiti district, Ndola.

Five armed criminals targeted the parked Tanzanian trucks for diesel theft on the fateful day at Shamilimo Lodge and Truck Park.

Upon receiving the alert, police vehicles pursued two fleeing Toyota Hilux trucks, one white and one blue.

During the chase, a third Toyota Hilux, maroon in color, was flagged down by police.

While the occupants initially appeared to be cooperating, a gunshot rang out from the direction of the blue Hilux.

The thunderous crack of a gunshot echoed, leaving behind a trail of smoke and the chilling silence of death.

With the maroon Hilux’s engine still warm, the vehicle was found abandoned as a silent witness to the tragedy.

According to authorities, the maroon Hilux was later found abandoned, containing the body of an unidentified male victim, later confirmed to be Abraham Kasani of Kitwe.

Investigations revealed a twist in the events. It turned out that the occupants of the maroon Hilux were actually guests at Shamilimo Lodge and were enlisted by the proprietor owner Grace Shamilimo
to chase after the suspected criminals.

Constable Sichande, a police officer stationed at the Kafulafuta toll plaza, was also caught in the crossfire while traveling in the maroon Hilux.

He confirmed the fatal shot originated from the blue Hilux.

All occupants of the maroon Hilux provided statements corroborating Constable Sichande’s account.

Copperbelt commanding officer Peacewell Mweemba confirmed the incident.

He said the blue Hilux was recovered with a leaking diesel container and breaking implements, were currently impounded at Kafulafuta police station.

Mweemba also revealed that an examination of the maroon Hilux confirmed the bullet’s trajectory, entering from behind and hitting the deceased through the backseat.

Kasani’s body was transferred to Ndola Teaching Hospital for autopsy.

Police investigations are ongoing to apprehend the occupants of the white and blue Toyota Hilux trucks involved in the initial robbery attempt and the fatal shooting.

However, a white Toyota Hilux matching the description has been found abandoned near Indeni, loaded with stolen diesel and Authorities have identified the vehicles’ registered owners through RATSA.