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Tragic Death as Lusaka Man burns himself to death after court ruling that ended his marriage




EXTREMELY upset with a court ruling that ended his marriage and ordered that the couple sell their property and share the money equally, a 52-year old man of Lusaka’s 10 Miles area resorted to pouring petrol all over his body set himself ablaze.

Despite the best efforts from friends, neighbors and medics to save his life, Charles Ngoma died of severe burns on Tuesday evening.

A day before the tragic incident, Ngoma and his wife Faustina Chanda aged 28 were before the Matero Local Court for a divorce hearing.

The couple had been on separation for a month and the wife had sued for divorce.

In their earlier hearing last week, Ngoma complained that his wife Faustina wasn’t the cleanest of people, so much so that he had even lost the desire to sleep with her.

Ngoma complained that his wife’s body had a strong foul stench that was caused by her reluctance to interact with bath water.

He said that two met in 2017 but that their relationship did not start on a smooth note after discovering that she had aborted his pregnancy of twins. Later, they cohabited for four years before officially getting married last year.

The retired Zesco employee complained that also among the reasons of their troubled marriage was that his wife was a stubborn alcoholic who consumed anything intoxicating she came by.

He also accused her of being an addicted smoker of Nsuko.

“Sometimes, she seats drinking wine from evening and sleeps at 02:00 hours in the morning, she later wakes up late and doesn’t even cook me any meals,” said Ngoma.

“She is too dirty, she doesn’t even clean herself, she stays for two days without bathing. She has over eight dirty pants that I can even produce here in court. She just looks clean from the outside but inside, she is very dirty. I had to buy her expensive spray, but it is in vain because each time we go in bed, she smells like fish and she doesn’t even clean her pubic hair, now how can I have appetite to sleep with her when she is like this?,” wondered Ngoma.

But in her defense, Faustina said her marriage become as rough as the Livingstone Sesheke Road after her husband started beating and insulting her each time he came back home drunk.

Faustina said he at one time chased her with a shovel and she ended up sleeping at their neighbor’s place.

Further, she added that efforts to seat them down by their close friends failed as Ngoma could always return to his violent self after a few days.

And on her drinking and smoking habit, Chanda said she did so only to relieve herself from stress. She later asked the court if she could be granted permission to go and get her belongs and vehicle from her matrimonial home

After hearing both parties, Magistrate Gastone kalala adjourned the matter to March 4, 2024 for submission and judgment.

And in his judgment on Monday, the court upheld the claim and ordered that the couple should sell their jointly owned property, including the house, with the proceeds to be shared between them.

But disappointed with the court’s judgment, Ngoma, in an apparent act of despair stopped by a filling station on his way home and bought petrol.

When he reached home around 19:00 hours, he sprinkled the petrol on his house and on his vehicle, a Toyota Passo with registration number BAX 1448 and ignited lit a fire that quickly engulfed the entire house.

From the fire, Ngoma sustained severe burns as neighbors courageously rescued him from the fire and immediately rushed him to Matero Level One Hospital but despite the help of medical personnel.

Unfortunately, he was declared dead 30 minutes after arrival.

The matter was later reported by his friend, Emmanuel Mutale to Muwanjuni Police Post and upon receiving the report, officers visited the scene of the incident.

Police Spokesperson Rae Hamoonga who confirmed the incident to #Kalemba said that an inquiry file has been opened to investigate the circumstances surrounding this tragic event.


Of a sudden, Pastor Dr. Paul Enenche is a fake man of God because of a single mistake according to some keyboard warriors who have been waiting for privilege – Sen Onono




Of a sudden, Pastor Dr. Paul Enenche is a fake man of God because of a single mistake according to some keyboard warriors who have been waiting for privilege.

Well, all I can say is; This man right here have his own blame likewise the woman. Why? If you watch the video and you are the type that judge base on people’s command of English, You wouldn’t need a pre-convincing argument that the said “Woman Lawyer” is telling lies. The man of God couldn’t agree less than to embarrass her which was totally wrong but quite understandable considering the fact he acted on emotions! The testimony teams aren’t left out as well because courtesy demand interviews should be given before anyone comes to the alter to give any testimony!
while we all await Pastor’s apology, let me pen this down.

Once you become a public figure, You become a television everyone focuses on why? Because many await the day you will flop so they can use it as a yardstick to pour out their mind!

Nigerians expect public figures to be hundred percent perfect not knowing they (public figures) are humans too.

I read some comments and I can’t help but shake my head.

Trust me, Few persons have the woman at heart because all I can say is, Most of the verbal outbursts on the man of God are uncalled for.

Why are Nigerians so quick to label others “Bad” and as well, Forget the days they were once a good person?

Why don’t we give people second chance?

Well, as said earlier on, Pastor should tender apology to the woman better still, He should do “MORE” for the sake of his reputation and those who are his true fans. If Pastor fail to apologize, some gullible fans would toil with his children’s mental health!

Pastor Sir, I won’t join others to crucify you because it’s okay to make mistake.
Sir, you are not God because he alone is perfect!

Your actions towards her is the reason why she’s trending on the internet today. (Still,not a good one for your brand and her mental health).

Please, Do the needful (Apology) and I would join your ‘True fans’ to celebrate you.



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Lungu, the Next Lying President Of Zambia in View: A Questionable Token of Appreciation




In a recent revelation that has sent shockwaves across Zambia, former President Edgar Lungu reportedly disclosed to his legal representatives from Makebi and Company that the hefty sum of 24 million dollars from KCM (Konkola Copper Mines) was merely a “token of appreciation.” This statement has ignited widespread skepticism and further eroded trust in Lungu’s leadership capabilities.

Lungu’s assertion raises numerous red flags, particularly in light of the ongoing investigations into corruption and mismanagement during his presidency. The timing of this disclosure, coupled with the staggering amount involved, casts doubt on the true nature of the transaction between Lungu and KCM.

The notion that 24 million dollars could be categorized as a mere token of appreciation is not only absurd but also insulting to the intelligence of the Zambian people. Such a significant sum of money cannot be dismissed as a gesture of gratitude without raising serious questions about the motives behind it.

Moreover, Lungu’s track record for honesty and transparency is far from impeccable. Throughout his tenure, he faced allegations of corruption, election rigging, and human rights abuses, tarnishing Zambia’s reputation on the international stage.

This latest revelation only adds fuel to the fire of distrust surrounding Lungu’s leadership. If indeed the 24 million dollars from KCM was a token of appreciation, what favors were granted in return? What other undisclosed dealings occurred during Lungu’s presidency?

As Zambia prepares for its next presidential election, the electorate must scrutinize candidates’ integrity and commitment to accountability. Lungu’s admission serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of entrusting power to individuals with questionable ethical standards.


The future of Zambia hinges on its ability to elect leaders who prioritize the interests of the nation above personal gain. Lungu’s legacy as the next lying president in view serves as a cautionary tale, urging citizens to demand transparency, accountability, and integrity from those vying for public office.

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Use Four Cubes Of Sugar And Six Flower Oil To Change Your life Attract Customers To Your Business




Have you ever felt unseen and invisible to customers or encountered unfulfilled promises, Business Failure, Hardship and Rejected? Fear not, for Sugar Cubes wield the power of attraction and fortune. Simply get four cubes of sugar, six flower oil and paper in the morning, make incantations here on this write up, and witness the transformation as people gravitate towards you. Bath with it with drops in your water and sprinkle outside your shop to draw in customers and abundance.

Materials Needed:
– Six flower oil
– Three cubes of sugar
– Sheet of paper

1. Place four cubes of sugar on a sheet of paper in a corner at the back of your house and leave for exactly 48 hours for ants to consume it. Ensure no disturbances during this period.
2. After 48 hours, carefully fold the paper, ensuring to include any remaining ants and sugar residue.
3. Grind or pound the folded paper along with the ants and sugar until thoroughly mixed.
4. Transfer the mixture into the bottle containing the Six flower oil or another suitable container. Ensure all components are fully incorporated.
5. Seal the bottle tightly and store it in a dark place for seven days. This allows time for the ingredients to meld and the energy to align.

Usage and Applications:
– After seven days, add three drops of the mixture to your bath water while reciting prayers for purification and positive energy infusion.
– Alternatively, apply a single drop onto your palm, rub your hands together, and then massage the mixture onto your head, focusing on absorbing the positive energy.

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Note: If the ants fail to consume the sugar within the specified time frame, discontinue the process and try again later. This ritual harnesses the power of natural elements to attract positive energy and dispel negativity, promoting harmony and abundance in various aspects of life.

Embrace the power of cloves and unlock a world of possibilities for health, prosperity, and spiritual protection. But wait, there’s more!

Prophet Victor offers a range of potent oils and talismans to enhance your journey:

– Do As I Say Oil: Command attention and influence outcomes with this powerful oil.

– Business Flourish Oil: Propel your business to new heights of success and prosperity.
– Attraction Oil: Draw love, luck, and abundance into your life with this potent elixir.

– Fortified Blue Eyes Bracelet: Ward off evil spirits and attract blessings with this protective talisman.

– Fortified Waist Bead: Enhance your sensuality and spiritual connection with this sacred adornment.

For inquiries and orders, contact Prophet Victor at 08148076597. WhatsApp inquiries are also welcome. Experience the transformative power of cloves and embark on a journey of healing and abundance today!

Additionally, Prophet Victor offers a promotion powder for workplace advancement at only 10,000 naira. Witness your career soar to new heights with this potent remedy. Don’t miss out on this opportunity for transformation and prosperity.

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