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A Lusaka Widow Wins Inheritance Case Against His Brothers In Law.This Is How It All Transpired.

My name is Joan, Chilenje,Lusaka.My husband died in 2019 after he succumbed to cancer.
My husband had a lot of properties ranging from vehicles, a large portion of lands , real Estates that he had left behind scattered all over Lusaka surburbs.
Trouble started after he was buried when his brother stormed my house and said that family wanted the wealth that my husband had left behind.
Indeed they out numbered me and took everything that my husband left behind,which ovbviously was to be inherited by his children and me for our well fare.
I reported my brother-in-laws to the authorities where I wrote a statement and they were summoned to court.
On the days when the cases were being heard, they would send me messages telling me that they will kill me after they win the case.I was scared.My Soul was shattered,in that i had just lost my husband,my only protector and my pillar.I was at times even man at my God for taking away my husband only to be haunted my vultures who before feared and respected her.I didnt know what to do,yet to earn my survival,i needed strength sadly i never knew where to get it.Events were moving fast.
Fortunately,my brother’s wife,to whom we were living together, firmly advised me not to give up and reffered me to Dr Mawanda Shafiq to whom she believed would help me win the case.
With my brother’s wife next to me,i called the doctor and ordered the spell that very night because the court ruling was going to be made the following morning.
I went to the court session and fortunately the Judge ruled in my favor!My goodness!Justice was served,my rights were protected and sealed!I was extremely happy and I even called the doctor to thank him for his help.From the bottom of my heart,thank you Dr Mawanda Shafiq for good work youre doing.I am forever grateful.My children will live better and secured because of you!

How to contact Specialist Mawanda

Mobile number: +260779652913

Whatsapp number: +260779652913

Doctor Mawanda Shafiq is a Chiengi Town based healer and herbalist who also makes homes impervious to demons, evil spirits and diseases triggered by such evil agents.
Do not be limited by location. You can get the help you need wherever you are through distance healing. Dr Mawanda Shafiq says one of his greatest attribute is distance healing.
The doctor solves life’s challenges such as love issues, family problems, hardships in business, increases your luck, that is, winning lottery games and court cases, promotions at work and clears away devilish spirits and dreams. Remember you don’t need to travel just reach him for consultation.


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