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The shocking story of how a Zambian MP got me pregnant and he paid me to keep quiet

The secret affair that made an MP pay me ZMK 1,300,000 to abort his baby

Have you ever wished you could control the outcome of a difficult situation in your life? This is a common desire for many people, especially when they face challenges, illnesses or death.
But what if I told you that this is not just a fantasy, but a reality? You might be doubtful, but after reading this story, you will be amazed.
Rabbat Morroco– Jamila Buchra and an MP from Copperbelt Zambia had been dating secretly for three years when they decided to take their relationship to the next level.

Jamila Buchra was aware that the MP was married, but she couldn’t resist the attraction between them. They seemed to be a perfect match.
Jamila Buchra had just graduated from University Hassan II de Casablanca and got an internship opportunity at the MP’s office Addis Ababa. She was assigned to the finance department and the MP paid her ZMK 26,000 every month.

Love brewed at offices.
Every morning, Jamila Buchra would wake up early and look forward to seeing the MP at work. She was in love with him. She would greet him warmly at the office.

The MP also developed feelings for Jamila Buchra. She was a beautiful woman who turned heads wherever she went.

The spark that ignited between them soon became a blazing fire. Jamila Buchra started to act as the MP’s personal assistant and they would travel together whenever the MP had meetings with other international lawmakers in Egypt, Djibouti, and Eswatini.

“Nobody suspected anything was going on. The MP was discreet. He was an elder in the SDA church. He was married. If people found out, it would ruin his reputation and I understood and respected that,” Jamila Buchra said.

The Zambian MP won re-election in 2021 and took Jamila with him to Accra to celebrate and also attend a parliamentary meeting.

MP gets office worker pregnant.
During this trip, they booked a single VIP room. And as the saying goes, the rest is history. They had a passionate night and Jamila Buchra got pregnant. However, when Jamila told the MP that she was expecting, he told her to abort.

“I consulted with my friends; some agreed, others said it was foolish to abort a rich man’s baby, which I agreed with. I didn’t abort. The MP had already arranged for me an appointment at an abortion clinic in Lusaka . He gave me ZMK 1,300,000 to cover the expenses and to keep quiet. He didn’t want anyone to know what happened,” Jamila continued.

Jamila was conflicted. She didn’t want to destroy the MP’s career or tarnish his name. She knew if she messed up, she would also suffer since the MP had employed her.

“Let me help you, there is a Doctor called Dr Zuberi Volodya, they have special spells to help in such situations. Don’t abort an MP’s baby. This is a blessing you will throw away,” Hadiya Nora , one of Jamila’s friends told her and gave her the contact of the specialists +260971943970.

How does power to command work?
Jamila Buchra contacted the specialists and they gave her a special charm. It is called power to command.
“Use this my daughter for your situation. Don’t ruin your future, don’t kill an innocent child. This is your chance to shine,” Doctor Volodya told her.

She followed the instructions. She told the MP that she was going to keep the baby.
“I will keep it, and you will be responsible for this child. This is our child. I will not interfere with your marriage,” Jamila Buchra told the MP, who was in China at that time for a parliamentary visit, and he agreed.

The power to command spell had worked.
When the MP came back, he informed his wife about the situation and to everyone’s surprise, she didn’t make a fuss, thanks to the power to command spells from Doctor Volodya.

The child was born in December 2023, and the MP opened a five star jewelry shop for Jamila in Dubai. The shop is thriving, and it stands as proof of the power of power to command spells that Dr Volodya offer, among other powerful spells.

What other spells are offered by Dr Volodya ?
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