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A Zambian Woman Narrates How She Stopped Her Husband From Committing Suicide

Flavian had been peaceful living in marriage with his long time husband,Mweendo,for eight years now. Her husband had a nice job while she operated a mini-shop next to their residential area.

They had been living some good life and not even a single time did they ever have come to any form of misunderstanding.

After sometime, things started going the wrong way just after her husband lost his job. He became idle and depressed,in his attempt to escape reality,he sank into over consuption of alcohol as he thought that was the only way he was to end his stress.Little did he know,he was heading towards a wrong path.

“We had been living a good life with my husband. Not even a single time did we come to arguments and misunderstanding as he was a true gentle man. Soon as he lost his job, he sank into taking alcohol excessively something that really made him a toxic person,” she said.

He since then never wanted to talk about their marriage and most of the times he decided to be silent and in deep thought. He was now into the aspect of being alone and lonely. I could predict things, he was in deep thought and depression and stress were really haunting down slowly.He was broken inside.Neither did he seem interested in uplifting and hopeful words.

He since then became arrogant and rude. Our children complained much about their dad’s general change of behaviour,attitide and his way of life.

The poor soul reached a point of commiting suicide.The wife found him red-handedly trying to hang himself by the rope,as he said life was really tough and unfair to him. He once again attempted to commit suicide by killing himself with their beddings something that she had to struggle and take him out of the situation.

Many were the times when she offered motivation not to giveup on himself and his family.She called in his friends to comfort him and also brought him under counselors to see if he was to change but nothing was really making a difference. All the efforts were meaningless as he kept on trying to commit suicide.

One of his husband’s friends recomended her to a traditional doctor by the name Dr Mawanda Shafiq,if all other meams had failed to change his intention. She ensured she had his contact which she did through this traditional doctor Facebook page. After three days she met Dr Mawanda at his office in company of her husband. Dr Mawanda offered him some successful job spells that would ensure he got a job to rid him of despair.

After a week,he has recalled to his previous job with more previledges and better pay. Since then they lived at peace as her husband had never again tempted to take his life as he now had something to smile about.The meaning of his life was now restored.All thanks to Dr Mawanda Shafiq.

Dr Mawanda for instance, say one of his greatest attribute is distance healing. They will work together with you, but detachment is the key to success during this healing process. You must be in quiet place and detach yourself from everything around you. This is very important because your body must connect with the healing elements.

He heals pressure, diabetes ulcers, gonorrhea, syphilis, TB, manhood weakness among other things.

The doctor also solves life challenges such as love issues, family problems, hardships in business, increases your luck, which is winning lottery games and court cases, promotion at work and clears away devilish spirits and dreams. For consultations call: Mobile:+260779652913.


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