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Adultery:Drama As Wife Admits To Have Slept With Both Her Brothers-in-law

“Am sorry Darling, I don’t know what got into me. I confess, am the one who seduced both Fred and Nelson. Your brothers fell for my traps and I now regret my actions. Please forgive me, let by-gones be by-gones and together, build our future and that of our kids” Zuena Kutela’s confession left the crowd in stitches, many, mostly men wanting her head on a spike.

The events leading to this confession were started by herself. She set the wheel rolling when she shared her own secret with a lady she went to church with named Bulole. Unfortunately, Bulole loved to gossip.

Within a week, news of a love affair between Zuena and her brothers in-law broke out, with her husband being besmirched by the sad news. Her husband had no idea that his two younger brothers had also seen the inside of her wife’s underpants.

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He asked her on that fateful Sunday to confirm or deny the rumors, and that’s when she confessed everything, her words and apology sounding rehearsed and intended at asking her husband to overlook her horrid mistakes.

Gregg,her husband remained speechless for a while, unsure of what to say. His dirty linen had been exposed and as a man, of cloth or not, felt hurt and betrayed. He hurriedly left Church and handed proceedings to his assistant. Nobody knew where he went, only giving a minor hint to one of the Ushers that he was intent at ending the shame and emotional turmoil once and for all.

He returned a week later, called his wife for a meeting and informed her that he had forgiven her. The cheating partner didn’t understand what was going on, until almost ten days later when her lustful demons awoke.

She thought she had sneaked out very well. She thought all was well, truly behind her and that this time, she won’t tell anyone about meeting yet again with Nelson in a Guest House. But, alas, she realized too late what her husband had done; they got stuck having sex.

Nelson began to shake, panic written all over his face. How was he to face his elder brother now? After almost an hour of finger-pointing and accusations, Gregg’s wife called to inform him that she needed his help at a Guest House. Gregg immediately knew then that the powerful spells he sought from Dr Mawanda Shafiq had worked.

There was nowhere to hide as Gregg found them still stuck, stark naked and sweaty. It was both a harsh reality and an even harsher lesson for the cheating Zuena. Nelson left town soon after, only after paying a hefty fine to reverse Dr. Mawanda Shafiq’s powerful spells.

Zuena returned home m for a bit to allow other scandals to take over people’s attention and later returned. From that day onwards, she never even thought of seeing anyone else other than her husband. Dr. Mawanda Shafiq had shown her that what you think is happening indoors can come to light at any given moment. She was more than faithful.

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