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Kanayo O. Kanayo recently expressed his frustration regarding Angel Unigwe and her mother. In a video he posted online, the veteran actor alleged that Angel, with her mother’s support, breached their contract by prematurely leaving his set.

Responding to these allegations, Angel Unigwe’s mother strongly denied the accusations and defamatory statements made by Mr. Kanayo in his video. She stressed their firm adherence to contractual terms and their dedication to honoring all legal commitments.

Angel Unigwe’s mother provided a detailed account of events from June 17th to June 19th, 2024, during which Angel was engaged in Kanayo’s film project with clear agreements, specifically finishing filming by 9 pm each day. Despite their initial concerns about filming fifty-seven scenes in three days, they agreed to proceed based on assurances from Mr. Kanayo O. Kanayo and his director.

On the final day, filming extended beyond 9 pm by an additional 45-50 minutes, which they accommodated as a gesture of goodwill. She emphasized that they left the location after fulfilling their obligations, without any objections from the director or production manager.

Her statement:

“As a background to the events that led to this, between the 17th of June 2024 and the 19th of June 2024, Miss Unigwe participated in a film project under clear and agreed terms, most important of all being a daily wrap time of 9 pm. Despite our concerns about the feasibility of filming fifty-seven (57) scenes in three (3) days, we proceeded based on the assurances we received from Mr. Kanayo O. Kanayo and his director, in person of Ndifreke Matthew, that the three days period will be sufficient for shooting and that the talent’s shooting time of 12 hours starting from 9 am to 9 pm is acceptable to them, moreso there will be no extension considering her prior engagement. On the final day, despite the agreed terms regarding wrap up time of 9 pm, we accommodated an additional 45-50 minutes of filming beyond the agreed time, which was done out of the spirit of goodwill and understanding that had existed between us, Mr. Kanayo and the film Director. Upon completion of the shoot, we left the location without protest from the director or the production Manager Mr. Cosmos Nwaihe, having performed our obligations.”

Mrs. Unigwe was deeply shocked upon learning of the accusations made by Mr. Kanayo in his video. She shared the emotional distress caused by what she perceived as threats against her daughter, Angel Unigwe. She condemned these actions as cyberbullying and gender-based harassment, particularly hurtful given her long-standing respect for Kanayo.

Juliet Unigwe concluded her heartfelt statement by announcing their intention to seek legal action to ensure accountability and justice in this matter, asserting their refusal to be intimidated. She called on relevant security agencies and organizations to protect Miss Unigwe and herself from any potential hostility from Kanayo.