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Bitter kola does not drive snakes out of your house, rather it pins it down so it doesn’t run away

As in if there is a snake in your house and you throw bitter kola near it, it won’t run away rather it will be circulating your house without running out, this will help you to kill it easily without it escaping.

Solution to peacefully drive out snakes from your house:

Get one original Aiden fruit, cut it into two and throw them directly to the spot where the snake is hiding, it will run out of your house.

Note: make sure you keep your doors open.

If you do not know where it is inside your house, burn the Aiden fruit and when one end of it has started producing smoke like an incense, place it inside your house and keep your doors open, it will crawl out with speed.

If you want to prevent it’s presence in your house, burn it 3 times a week.

If you are being constantly bewitched, this will stop it completely because witches can’t operate where this fruit is burned. Or better still keep the fruit under your bed and say goodbye to witchcraft attack.

Note: if you start burning this as incense in your house, witches around your neighborhood will hate you for no reason even if it’s your friend, he or she will avoid you.

Try it and see. Chat prophet on WhatsApp via 08148076597