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Blessings Turns to Pains Co-worker fumes as woman resigns, relocates with husband to another state in Nigeria




“My colleague, an exceptional lady, has to resign from our firm today because her husband is relocating to Port Harcourt. And so, she has to abandon her career because of him…” – A co-worker expresses frustration as a woman resigns from her job to accompany her husband, who is relocating to another state in Nigeria.

A co-worker expresses frustration as a womanresigns from her job to acconmpany her husband,who is relocating to another state in Nigeria.

A social media user identified as (@Yellzdan took tothe microblogging platform, X to lament thedecision of a couple.

The colleague noted that the remarkable lady hadto tender her resignation from their company due toher husband’s relocation to Port Harcourt for a job.

Consequently, she must forsake her career as herhusband is accepting a job offer to start their family

afresh in Port Harcourt.

In the man’s words;

“I really hate marriage and what it does to Women,especially. My colleague, an exceptional lady, has toresign from our firm today because her husband isrelocating to Port Harcourt. And so, she has toabandon her career because of him who’s moving toPH on a job offer!”

I really hemarriage and what itdoes to women, especially. Mycolleague, an exceptional lady,has to resign from our firm todaybecause her husband isrelocating to Port-harcourt. Andso, she has to abandon hercareer because of him who’smoving to PH on ajob offer!


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The post has since generated a wave of reactionsfrom social media users who termed it as the rightthing to do while others sided with the co-worker.

Reactions as woman quitsjob to relocate to anotherstate in Nigeria withhusband

DapVanDam said: “Sorry. Women advocate… Youhate what God ordained… Simply say you hate whatit has become and what the world has turned it to.don’t shit on the first institution that God created..Hate… Such a wrong word.”

Ox_LoTek opined: “Because your Firm is the bestplace to work in the whole wide world or there aren’tother firms in PH. You really should mind yourbusiness and allow their marriage… Whatever works

for them.”

blaq_kvng wrote: “Gist like this makes my skin crawl

Ifuctilldov oaid “Vou don’t aant hor tn ohandon hor



When Is Hamster Kombat Token Launching date?: Here’s the Latest Update




The official roadmap of Hamster Kombat indicates that access to the exchanges is planned for June 2024. This aligns with the game’s rapid growth and the development team’s strategy to expand its reach within the crypto ecosystem.

What This Means for Players
Increased Accessibility: The listing will make $HMSTR more accessible to a broader audience, allowing for trading and investment opportunities.
Enhanced Game Experience: The integration of $HMSTR into the game’s economy is expected to enhance the overall player experience.

Community Engagement: The distribution of tokens to active community members is a move to reward players for their engagement and loyalty.

How to Prepare for the Listing

Stay Informed: Keep an eye on official announcements from Hamster Kombat and TON for the latest updates.
Check Eligibility: Players should check their eligibility for the HMSTR supplying pool to participate in the token distribution.

Link Wallets: Ensure your TON wallet is linked and ready for the upcoming listing.

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I am scared, people are using guns like phones here in America – Portable cries out



Nigerian singer Portable has cried out in fear over his recent observation in America.

The singer, in a video captured online, revealed that American citizens are always carrying guns like phones in their pockets. According to him, those who have been coming to welcome him into the country and greet him have been coming with guns.

He expressed fear that he could end up being killed should he engage in an argument with any of them. However, he remains strong that nothing can happen to him.

Whatever that makes portable a Yoruba Guy and as well as a Nigerian mafia to be afraid of gun in the United States of America must be a top 10 don’t you think so because the Yoruba people will know are always known to be working with a body IP known as Odeshi(anti bullets).

But if I’m to suggest I will suggest that the president of the United States of America should look into how individuals abroad list down because that is a very deadly weapon.

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What an inferior culture as Dani tribe in Papua Guinea traces history of using finger to pay for diary



Dani tribe in Papua Guinea

At marriage, a man must cut off the finger of his right hand and present it to the bride as a dowry for her

And if he wants to divorce her, he cuts off two fingers of his left hand, but if he dies, his wife cuts off the ten fingers of her hand as a sign of her fidelity to him and that she will not marry a man after him.

Whether you marry, divorce or die… there are fingers that must be cut off.

If this kind of tradition is still in existence in Papua Guinea then the people are really subjecting themselves to punishment and the marital slavery.

Retold: Mileage Multime

People from Papua New Guinea will confirm the above story.
Love and marriage is a lifetime decision.
Never dishonor it. Can cost your life.

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