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Breaking News:An Alarming Number Of Father-Daughter Incestry Is On A Rise! What’s Going Wrong With Our Society?

A recent survey across Southern African countries has shown that that cases of fathers engaging in sexual relationships with their daughters is on a rise.Something is happening wrong in society and a expert in solving social problems and phsycology,I come here to address these issues. This is something that was so rare and even in times past unheard of nut in recent times there is something wrong with the minds of those who are supposed to be elders and youths of today’s society. There is something that seems to be wrong with the minds and hearts of people around the world but as Dr, Mawanda Shafiq I am here to offer any kind of help to anyone affected by this kind of sexual relationship for sure it is the opposite of the expectation of the natural law. I do help solve such incidences with the knowledge I have accumulated all through years in herbal medication.

A month can never end without hearing a father who has been involved in sexual relations with their daughter. These cases are really increasing just to show rogue a society can be. We have fathers who are having sexual intercourse with their daughters and in most of the situations the practice appears really to be consensual meaning both parties are directly involved and it is not out of the will in most of the cases. It is absolutely out of God’s natural law and even the holy books condemn such incidents at large. The holy book clearly says a man will leave his family to meet a woman and start their own family. The Bible does not say that the man will have a relationship with his daughter to start a family.

To understand what is happening my brothers and sisters we must come out from the mindset of looking at humanity as individuals because in most cases, we are the reflection of the physique that affects us in general. To fully understand what is happening here we must look at the totality of the human race as one organism complete with the cycle and how the life cycle affects the organism itself and as Dr. Mawanda Shafiq, I help people who can visualize this to have a clear vision of the issue at the larger extent with the help of herbal medication. I honestly believe that the advent of fathers sleeping with their daughters is the only herald of an age of chaos that is upon mankind. I feel this is basically just a time when the internal equilibrium within most of the people is altered to be more pliable to the sexual perversion of all kinds.

The rise of the sexual relationship between father and daughters is just one side of the coin. As Dr. Mawanda Shafiq, I provide guidance and counseling to any person affected by such relationships for really I know they can be dehumanizing both physically and emotionally at any particular time.Please,do not hesitate to visit my offices for help as through the long time I have been in herbal treatment solutions can be found within the shortest time possible. In case of any other life challenges like having luck in life, marriage wrangles stagnated businesses and the rest make a visit for I’m here to ensure life is smooth and to your expectations.

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