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Capetown Lands cartel Returns R190.6 Million Property to a Claremont Businesswoman

A Claremont based businesswoman is all smiles after he acquired the title of her R190.6 million property he had lost top Capetown lands cartel.

The businesswoman, popularly known as Adede Annika  said that she bought the prime land within the Claremont area in 2023 but he was not issued with the original credentials.

“Since March  2023 I have been walking to the Ministry of  Lands offices weekly  to conduct land searches but my quest fell on bureaucracy deaf ears.” She said.

Adede Annika said that the cartel invaded his undeveloped  parcel of land 2023 and went ahead to alter ownership documents through collaborators at the Lands Ministry.

She said that the cartel financed youths who were provided with security to subdivide his land and sell them to new owners.

“After I learnt that there were security personnel who offered protection to the cartel, I acquired an injunction to chase out the grabbers but upon presenting them to the security personnels, the cartels hijacked the command structure.” She said.

She said that she tried reaching out to his friends who had connections to politicians and top security personnel to seek a form of reprieve to no avail.

Adede Annika said that in July 2023 while going through her social media platforms came across a native doctor touted for his prowess in recovering stolen property.

“I was going through my social media accounts last month. It was that time when I came across Dr Zuberi Volodya  . I did research on him and found out that he was authentic and has previously premiered in National Tv bulletins for recovering stolen property .” She said.

He said that after visiting Sangoma Volodya in Zambia , he told her she was aware of the culprit and swung into action through his powerful sorcery.

“After two days the culprit known as ‘Richardsons properties’ was netted. He brought himself to my home with all the documents which he had altered. He asked for forgiveness and promised to stay away from my property.” Adede Annika  said.

How to contact Sangoma Zuberi Volodya
Contact Number: +260971943970
Whatsapp Number: +260971943970

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