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“ Cheating is stressful and Risky “Purple Speedy

“You can’t post cute pics of you and your partner because others will see and get angry , you mute status until get tired , you have to do extra work to please all those you are dating . 

Cheating is Risky , you can contract diseases , the world is scary now .  Why not love someone and give them your best ? Don’t sleep behind there is no guarantee to live a reckless life .  There is nothing beautiful in having multiple partners . Don’t waste your youth with the wrong people and start looking for those who will take you for who you are or forget about your past . The past is never forgotten especially a bad past .  If my relationship ends , at least I have a record of loving one man , it shows loyalty “ Purple speedy

Omo some of una just dey fliirt , una get babe for all the 36 states but u no even get 36 naira for your account . Even if your babe get missing you no fit post . Change .