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Do you want to die untimely this year” Industry fight as Dayo Amusa and Jigan Babaoja clash online over Femi Adebayo

The beef between Nollywood actors, Femi Adebayo and Dayo Amusa seems to be turning into an industry fight with some of their colleagues like Jigan Babaoja picking sides.

Jigan Babaoja, who is a member of AFRIMEK and a friend of Femi Adebayo, has pitched a tent with his Mayor, Femi Adebayo as he publicly called out Dayo Amusa mocking her over her failed career. He noted how the actress woefully failed in movie and also music.

“You did movie, it didn’t go far. You did music, you failed”.

Reacting to it, Dayo Amusa stated that she saw everything he posted about her and warned him not to allow her insult him. She stated that Jigan can’t use her to run mouth on social media as she questioned what effrontery or gut he has to come at her.

“Jigan I will mention your name directly, I saw what you posted. Don’t let me talk to you. All of you, there is no one I had issue with, so don’t think because your mayor is on the hot seat, that has given you the effrontery and guts to open that thing you called mouth to talk. I want to believe you guys have rules and regulations you follow in AFRIMEK, please follow it. I am not the one you will use to run mouth on social media”.

Firing back, Jigan made Dayo Amusa know that if he kicked her, she would hit her head on the floor as he questioned if she was crãzy.

Not one to be bullied, Dayo Amusa questioned if he was mad or who he was referring to. She further questioned if he was ready to die untimely this year and for people to weep over him. Calling him a useless thing, she reminded him how Baba Tee was the one who brought him into the industry a few years back.