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Few days ago, My wife came to social media & said several things, painting me black in public. Pls I’m here to clear my name

This woman has been my wife for up to 8 yrs now, but believe me, I’ve never taken any action on her for being unable to give me a son rather, I’ve been patient with her. after she gave birth to 3 girls, if i wasn’t a responsible man, i would have moved out there & look for another woman whom is capable of giving me male kids & remarry, but i never did, instead i forgave her & I’ve been patient with her.

Secondly. I’m a man & chief commander of my family, even the bible gives the man that lead over his wife, i’m the head of the house. So, there’s absolutely nothing wrong if, i should stop my wife from working. I did stop my wife from working cuz of obvious reasons, i was avoiding issues  such as this. I knew once she starts earning, I’ll be regularly getting disrespected just like she’s doing now, as it’s very common with women. I was trying avoiding that competition, this is the reason i, stoped her from getting a job or working after our marriage, beside, I’m capable of taking care of my family. There actually came a time in my marriage when i was worried about my wife not actually being able to give birth to a son & this Made me to lost interest in her & started drinking & seing other women.

But, I never brought any of these women to our matrimonial bed nor home. my affair with these women ended outside. Let it be noted that I’m a man & I’m not the first neither, would i, be the last to cht on my wife. It’s has always been in a man’s nature to cheat. Pls do not get me wrong, for I’m not trying to justify myself I’m only saying, not different from other man out there. Other men do it my own case shouldn’t be that so much of an ab0minat!0n as every one made it look. Yes, it’s true that i slept several times outside for up to 3 days without giving her money for food. But what did she do, she rp0rt3d me to “Welfare” & took my kids to her parents house even without my consent. Pls I want to know if this is what a responsible woman should do? I believe a responsible woman will talk or communicate with her husband & try to resolve issues privately but, this isn’t the case with my wife

Every little misunderstanding we have, instead of talking to me, she’ll park her things & go back to her parents house, taking my kids along with her. Is this what a good woman should do! Marriage is for better & for worst, as a woman you must learn how to endure, its a natural gift from God to women but this isn’t tje case with this woman.  When the case at the “welfare” was resolved I however, accepted to take up my family responsibilities & be a better husband & father to my wife & kids, I even went to her parents home & apologized but she refused & insisted that she’ll only accept to go back with me if, i allowed her to work instead of just being a house wife in which I, accepted. She told me about an old friend of hers whom have accepted to lend her some huge sums to start up a trade. I didn’t like the idea, i refused & told her my plans, which was to save enough & enroll her into a nursing institution since she was very brilliant in her school days.

As expected my wife, did so well in her results, she came out as one of the best student nurse in her badge that year. So, After her graduation, still with my connections, I got her a job in town as a nuse & midwife in one of the biggest & best hospitals we have in town. It came along with a very huge salary almost 3 times what i make in my business monthly. However, it’s also true that, my wife gave me her first salary, but after all i did for this woman, I deserve just more than that. Her accusing me of misusing the money she gave me on beer & women truly further proves how gr33dy this woman truly is. If, you gift someone with a pure heart, why should you go on to investigate how or what that person decides to do with the gift you gave them. This was the first & last time i ever received a dime from my wife. She started paying the children’s fees & also buying food for the family. She even further requested to assist me in paying part of the house rent but i refused. I very well know that, all these, was to r!d!cule me & make me know that minus me, she can survive on her own..

For 3 whole yrs, i waited, thinking my wife would someday, come to her senses & offer to start giving me half of her salary at least to show appreciation for all I’ve done for her but, this never happened, rather, i was shocked to hear from her that she’s been saving & has started her own building project. Just then, i knew she has no plans or whatsoever to share her salary with me, when i asked her as the man of the house to start giving me half of her salary, this became a serious issue & even got to a stage were, she parked & left my house again taking my kids along, claiming that I’ve become too t0x!c for her. Pls people tell me, how does i, asking my own wife, for half of her monthly pay makes me a t0x!c husband ! This is the same woman that i picked from the gutters, made her my wife & even sponsored her education & still with my connections got her thesame said job ! Is this fare !

My wife moved out & rented her own place, i decided to stay, thinking that she’ll come back to her senses, come back home & apologize but for 9 months she never didn’t see. I went to her parents house to rep0rt the issue to her family. Instead i was sh0cked. Instead of c0ndemn!ng their daughters attitude rather, they all supported her. This is the reason i got so p!ssed & came to facebk to xpose her & her family..     Maureen ! You aught to be a,sh@m3d. Just 9 months you left my home yet you went & s,pre_d your legs for another man while still married to me & you’re not even a,sh@,med to tell me in public that you’re 6 months pregnant with a son. i picked you from the gutters & brushed you up but, you & your “low l!ves” of a so called family have decided to pay me back with e_vu. You’ve succeeded in emb@rras!n me in public. Thank you for everything. I promise you. You see that job that is giving you the courage to do this to me ! You’ll loose it, that i promise you. karma is coming for you Maureen !