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Five months into my marriage, my husband began to develop inexplicable hatred towards me. Our once loving relationship turned sour, and I was heartbroken. Desperate to save my marriage

How Prophet Victor Helped Me Get Married After 35 Years Birthday


Hello, my name is Rose Abarah from Mbaise, Imo State, Nigeria. I want to share my miraculous testimony about how Prophet Victor helped me get married after 35th birthday long years and also become the first woman in my family to marry.


For many years, I struggled with finding a life partner. Despite numerous attempts and prayers, nothing seemed to work. My family and friends had lost hope, and I was on the verge of giving up. However, my life took a remarkable turn when I met Prophet Victor.


In 2022, I came across a testimony about Prophet Victor and decided to reach out to him in my desperation. I contacted him via WhatsApp and explained my situation, including the fact that no woman in my family had ever married. Prophet Victor listened with empathy and assured me that my case was not impossible for him to solve.


He asked for a consultation fee, which I willingly paid. Prophet Victor revealed the spiritual blockages that were preventing me from finding a husband and provided me with specific instructions. He sent me special oils and gave me prayers to say daily. I followed his instructions meticulously, and within two months, I met a wonderful man who proposed to me.


In May 2023, we got married, and I became the first woman in my family to marry because people hardly get married in our family. It was nothing short of a miracle, and I was overwhelmed with gratitude.


However, five months into the marriage, my husband began to develop inexplicable hatred towards me. Our once loving relationship turned sour, and I was heartbroken. Desperate to save my marriage, I contacted Prophet Victor again.


Prophet Victor assured me that he could help. He asked me to get a pigeon and a candle for a special spiritual work. Since I couldn’t go to the market myself, I requested Prophet Victor to provide the pigeon for me, and I paid for it. He performed the ritual with the pigeon and candle and instructed me to have faith.


Five days later, my husband started showing me more love and affection than ever before. The transformation was astounding. Now, he is so devoted to me that I am practically the one in control of our relationship. Our bond is stronger than ever, and we are happily living together in Lagos, Nigeria.


 Why I Recommend Prophet Victor


Prophet Victor is a gifted spiritual healer whose interventions can address a wide range of issues. Here are some of the areas he specializes in:


– Crowd Puller: Attract large gatherings and build a strong following.

– Land Issues: Resolve disputes and gain favor in land-related matters.

– Travel and Visa Issues: Smooth the path for travel and visa approvals.

– Marriage Issues: Heal and strengthen marital relationships.

– Love Me Forever: Ensure enduring love and commitment in relationships.

– Do As I Say: Influence situations and people to align with your desires.

– Breaking of Family Curses: Liberate yourself and your family from generational curses.

– Favor and Luck Attraction: Draw in positive energy and good fortune.

– Market Booming Oil: Boost your business and ensure commercial success.


Prophet Victor is also highly effective in dealing with all kinds of infections. His spiritual interventions and herbal remedies have been known to provide relief and healing for various ailments.


 Contact Prophet Victor


– Phone: 08148076597

– WhatsApp: https://wa.me/2348148076597


If you are facing challenges, whether it is marriage issues, dealing with infections, or any other problem, I strongly recommend reaching out to Prophet Victor. His powerful spiritual guidance can bring about the change you need.

Rose Abarah