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Hamster Kombat Daily Combo And Combo Cards: What you need to Know

Hamster Kombat is the latest Telegram-based gaming sensation, recapturing the Notcoin clicker vibes with the promise of a token launch and airdrop on The Open Network ahead.

But there’s more happening with Hamster Kombat than just clicking or tapping a screen to rack up coins. As the hamster CEO of a fictional crypto exchange (yes, really), it’s your job to boost your up-and-coming startup to the top of the industry, and you’ll do so by investing in things like marketing, licenses, talent, new products, and beyond.

And for daily players, there’s one seriously huge benefit you shouldn’t miss: A daily combo promotion that rewards you with 5 million free coins for investing in certain upgrades. It’s a win-win that’ll boost your in-game treasury while increasing your passive earnings, and should ultimately benefit you in the eventual token airdrop.

Here’s what you need to know about the Hamster Kombat daily combo.

What is the daily combo?

Each day, Hamster Kombat introduces a new daily combo—a set of three upgrades to your exchange that’ll earn you a massive haul of 5 million free in-game coins.

Screenshots from Hamster Kombat. Image: Decrypt

All of this happens within the “Mine” tab of the mini app, with the cards listed under the various categories: Markets, PR & Team, Legal, and Specials. Some of these items can only be unlocked after you invite friends into the game, while others can just be purchased outright with your mined in-game coins.

A cropped screenshot from Hamster Kombat. Image: Decrypt

A cropped screenshot from Hamster Kombat. Source: Immortal9ja

Some of the Special cards are limited-time offers that apparently won’t be up for grabs again—so if you didn’t buy it while it was available, then you’re out of luck that day.


With millions of daily players hyped over the upcoming airdrop, it’s no surprise that there’s a cottage industry of social media accounts building up engagement by sharing the latest daily combo. Here’s one Twitter account that has reliably been sharing the daily combo, for example, but we’ve seen many similar accounts, as well as posts on TikTok and elsewhere.

If you’re serious about playing Hamster Kombat ahead of the airdrop, you’ll want to make the daily combo part of your regular routine. It’s a huge stash of free coins you can either hold onto or reinvest in your fictional operation to boost your passive earnings.