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Have you looked at the lawsuit the young man Lil Rod filed against Diddy?

This one is hotter than Cassie’s.
The man who happened to be Diddy’s ex-producer backed up the lawsuit with photos and claims there are several videos in his possession.

He claimed Diddy has hidden cameras in his bedroom just so he has dirt on you.

He claimed that the rapper liked to walk around the house n@ked, and that it was no secret in his camp.

He alleged that he would play him ‘man blu£ feem’ in his house, and that he has private tapes of some celebrities.

The lawsuit also revealed that EVERYONE in Diddy’s circle is required to carry pouches containing drugs, which he allegedly takes as often as he needs to get h!gh.

You do not want to have an empty pouch when ochoro ise geh.

Lil Rod claimed he didn’t like carrying it but had no choice.

He also claimed he witnessed Diddy spiking alcoholic drinks that were served to women at his parties (including underage s£x workers that his son Justin would invite).

And that one time he suspected he was drugged and touched.
Cos Diddy already had a thing for his butt.

The part I found interesting was where Lil Rod alleged that Diddy had xxx with Meek Mill and other celebrities for Grammy awards. He even allegedly promised him one.

The details of the lawsuit suggests that he would dangle the things you desired the most in your face.

My mind instantly went to one of you people’s faves that Diddy fondly calls ‘brother’, who won a Grammy for that album executively produced by Puffy.

So many what-ifs on that union.
I dunno. I am just ‘thought-ing’.

There are other shocking details in the 73-page lawsuit, including alleged murd£rs that were cleaned up by the police and reported on the media differently, cos he had the influence and power to do so.

I mean, if you check, the real content of the lawsuit are not being carried by many news outlets, e get why.

Lil Rod is suing for $30 million in damages.

BTV reporting