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Helen Ukpabio is a Nigerian actress, evangelist, and author who is known for her roles in Nollywood movies




One of her most memorable performances was in the 1999 movie “The Price”, where she played an Evangelist who helped a pastor clear his name from a false rape accusation.

The movie, starred Richard Mofe Damijo as Pastor Ken, a charismatic preacher who was framed by a jealous rival for raping a young girl. The girl’s family and the police were convinced of his guilt and wanted to punish him severely. Pastor Ken’s only hope was his faithful wife, played by Eucharia Anunobi, and his loyal friend, played by Helen Ukpabio.

The movie was a tearjerker that showed the power of prayer, the importance of trust, and the consequences of sin. It was well received by the audience and critics, who praised the acting, the story, and the message. Helen Ukpabio’s role was especially applauded, as she portrayed a strong, faithful, and courageous woman who stood by her friend in his time of need.

Helen Ukpabio has since continued to act in other Nollywood movies, as well as preach the gospel and write books. She is the founder of Liberty Foundation Gospel Ministries, a Christian organization that focuses on evangelism, charity, and deliverance. She is also the author of several books, such as “Unveiling the Mysteries of Witchcraft”, “The Witch Doctor”, and “The Power of Midnight Prayer”.

Helen Ukpabio is a versatile and talented actress, who has made a mark in the Nigerian film industry. She is also a devoted and passionate evangelist, who has touched many lives with her ministry. She is indeed a woman of faith and action, who has shown the world the price of following Christ.



Pope Junior: an open eye to terms used in movie industry and how the last one affected Pope Junior and Adanna




Those Names And Title Credit You See Before A Movie Starts, Do You Know What They Do? Ok Lets Break Them Down For Those Who Dont Know.

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER -This is the one sponsoring the movie. He/She provides the funds and financial backing to execute the project. EPs are usually investors looking to invest their money in a Movie.

PRODUCER -The Producer is the one who assembles the cast, crew, logistics etc  He/She is also responsible for paying for cast and crew services (using the funds provided by the Executive Producer) and making all necessary arrangements to make the movie successful. A producer sometimes is also the EP.

PRODUCTION MANAGER -This is one who assists the producer to manage the provisions being made by the Producer. The PM may also keep financial records and works with the Producer to ensure the Movie stays within proposed Budget.

DIRECTOR -The one who directs the projects from start to finish. Ditecting is the most important part of the moviemaking. He/She takes the lead and directs actors and the rest of the crew to give the movie the desired result which the Producer have outlined.

ACTOR -Actor gets into the character that must be portrayed. He/She has to be very skilled else the movie is not interesting to watch.

STORY -The one who created the story

SCRIPT/SCREENPLAY – The one who pens the story into spoken words, scenes and montages. The scriptwriter must know how many words that make up a scene in order not to make the scenes too lengthy or too brief.

SCRIPT EDITOR- Reads through the script to correct any mistakes or blunders.

EDITOR -the ones who arranges the video clips from scene to scene in order of sequence to create the movie.

SPECIAL EFFECTS -the one who creates the effects. Example when you see a human flying in the movie

DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY -this person takes the video shoots. He selects what camera angles will suit each scene.

LOCATION MGR -This is the person who seek out locations for each scene. He must know the terrains and laws guiding a Location or recruit assistants who know the terrain and laws.

SET DESIGN -the one who creates the environment where a scene took place. Example a set designer would design an environment to have the feel and look of a kings palace

MAKE UP -Some people think make up has to do with lips and cosmetics but it is much mor than that. The make up artist turns actors into a desired character. Example painting an actor to look like a scary ghost

COSTUME -this persons selects all the dresses to be worn by actors for each scene

SET PROPS manages the properties used on set

MUSIC -This Person creates the music and soundtracks to be used. He/She may also work with the Editor to select which sound is suitable for each Scene

SOUND -this person ensures the actors remain audible throughout the shoot. Their primary is to hold a mic close to the actors speeches whilst still hiding it from Camera.

SOUND MIXER -arranges the movie sound to ensure uniformity throughout the movie

LIGHTNING -This person ensures that the video shoots are bright and visible enough by projecting several lights onto the scene. This is very important in night scenes or scenes inside a house.

CASTING -This one selects the Actors suitable for each Scene or Role.

WELFARE/LOGISTICS -The welfare person works with the Producer to see to the wellbeing of the cast and crew during the shoot. This includes food, clothing, shelter and  medical needs.

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23 years old Nigerian Comedian Sabinus splashes over 100 million naira on a 2024 Jeep Gladiator.  He is the first person to own the 2024 version in Nigeria




23 years old Nigerian Comedian Sabinus splashes over 100 million naira on a 2024 Jeep Gladiator.  He is the first person to own the 2024 version in Nigeria . 

2024 been good for Sabinus , after gifting 3 of his boys cars , he went to UK for a tour and millions .  While in UK he welcomed a bouncing baby girl .  Life is way too good for Sabinus . 

As you congratulate him today , that’s how you’ll be congratulated tomorrow.

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People used to troll me in school , I didn’t come from a rich family , Davido saw them one day trying to make mockery of me and he stopped them and told me one day you’ll be bigger than them




“People used to trőll me in school , I didn’t come from a rich family , Davido saw them one day trying to make mockery of me and he stopped them and told me one day you’ll be bigger than them .

Just don’t pay them back. He took me in and 10 years later everything has changed . I own houses and cars and travel round the world  “ Davido’s old time friend

What kind of man is really Davido ? Davido be out here touching every life despite being who he is . There is Davido in every good story you hear out there .

Davido is still together with all his friends he made 10 years ago . Real nigga thing.

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