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1. To excite the husband. Breasts does something to men

2. To console the husband. When the husband is low or tired, laying his head there comforts him

3. To aid in pleasing the wife sexually. Breasts are one of the many ways a man has to please his wife

4. To act as a pillow, he lays his head there and they catch up to talk

5. To give him something to play with. Men are playful with breasts

6. To refresh him. Sucking the wife’s nipples makes a man feel good

7. To delight him exclusively, knowing only he gets to see her naked breasts

8. To rest. Men can have a wonderful nap or quality time laying on the wife’s bossom

9. To offer support as she cleans his ears. Some men love their ears being cleaned by the wife. It is one of those simple things that makes life special

10. To make a wife feel confident of her love. She feels good him laying on her chest in absolute trust and surrender

11. To give him warmth especially when it is cold. Breasts are so warm

12. To give him a surface area to draw with his fingers as he talks. Some men dribble on the skin of the breasts as the two engage in heart to heart conversations

13. To give him sexual entertainment. Men love watching boobs move or jump up and down when she is riding on top, working out, doing chores or playing around. These are some of the little pleasures men live for

Lady, regardless of the size of your breasts, sagging or firm they mean so much to your husband. Let him enjoy