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How To Break Ancestral Curses Using A Simple Ritual with Egg and Water

Ancestral curses, believed to be negative energies or patterns passed down through generations, can impact various aspects of our lives, from relationships to health and prosperity. Breaking free from these cycles often involves intentional actions aimed at cleansing and releasing the energy associated with the curse. One such ritual that has been practiced for centuries involves the use of simple ingredients: egg and water.

Here’s how you can perform this ancient ritual to break an ancestral curse:

– 1 fresh egg
– A bowl of clean water


1. Set Your Intention:
   Begin by setting a clear intention for the ritual. Focus on breaking free from the ancestral curse that has been affecting you or your family. Visualize yourself releasing the negative energy and reclaiming your power and autonomy.

2. Prepare the Egg:
   Take the fresh egg and hold it in your hands. Close your eyes and infuse it with your intention. Imagine the egg absorbing the negative energy associated with the ancestral curse, becoming a vessel for cleansing and purification.

3. Crack the Egg into the Water:
   Next, crack the egg open over the bowl of water. As you do this, visualize the negative energy being transferred from you into the egg and then into the water. See the water becoming cloudy or murky as it absorbs the energy.

4. Focus on Release:
   Take a moment to breathe deeply and focus on releasing any lingering negative emotions or thoughts associated with the curse. Trust in the process of purification and know that you are taking a significant step towards breaking free from its influence.

5. Dispose of the Egg and Water:
   Once you feel that the egg has absorbed the negative energy, dispose of it and the water. You can bury them in the earth, preferably away from your home, or pour them down the drain while imagining the negative energy being washed away and dissolved.

6. Cleanse Yourself:
   After performing the ritual, take a cleansing bath or shower to wash away any residual energy. Visualize yourself being cleansed and purified, ready to embrace positive energy and new beginnings.

7. Repeat as Needed:
   Depending on the intensity of the ancestral curse and your personal circumstances, you may need to repeat this ritual multiple times to fully break free from its influence. Trust your intuition and continue the practice until you feel a sense of release and liberation.

Remember, the power of this ritual lies in your intention and belief in its effectiveness. Approach it with an open heart and mind, and trust that you have the ability to break free from ancestral curses and create a life filled with positivity, abundance, and empowerment.

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