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1 Bath 2 to 3 times a day and apply good lotion that smell good as well as roll on.

2 Brash your teeth 3 times a day to make your mouth smell good in case if he wants to kiss you he can feel gud

3 Know how to cook his favourite food time by time. Man likes to eat what they want…don’t take time on cooking. Make sure when they come from work they shud find food ready.
Dish them in romantic way.

4 Don’t complain time by time about what you don’t have or what you don’t like. Be quiet and not to talkertive…

5 Wash your pussy time by time keep it clean. Remove hair down there keep it clean always…

6 Man like sex that’s why they approach you to be together. Give them sex after sex. Morning-sex before they go to work ,Evening sex.
Nommater you are tired just try to give them. To avoid unnecessary drama of them.

7 Respect his parents nommater how they will be wrong just be different

8 NB don’t touch the phone of your husband without his concern. I mean don’t search things in his phone. Every man has something in his phone . Ones you saw it you will loose temper and fight will begin. Never never like the phone of you man. Leave it. You are in love with him not his phone.

9 Don’t love your pastors than him. Before  church love your man. Treat him as your first prophet or pastor.

10 Don’t make friends besides him.

11 Man friend in not good at all block then those friends at of your school time

12 You must practice other sex styles. Men are kids likes naughty things