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COMMOTION characterized ShopRite Supermarket in Mazabuka as scores of people lined up to buy the government produced Eagles Mealie meal brand, Tuesday evening between 17:00 and 20:00 hours.

The cause of the disorder was due to lack of organization in making a proper queue to get a bag of mealie meal.

A Byta FM Zambia News Team that rushed to the scene found hundreds of customers out of the queue due to some commotion among themselves in an attempt to buy the cheapest brand of the staple food on the market.

And Mazabuka Mayor, Vincent Lilanda, also rushed to ShopRite with the view to calm the situation by way of addressing people who wanted to buy the Eagles Mealie meal.

Lilanda also took advantage of the situation to inform them that the store was affected by a power outage which was in place from 14:00 to 22:00, adding that a Mechanic was on the way from Lusaka to fix a Genset at the Supermarket.

Meanwhile, as Zambia Police tried to maintain calm after the Mayor had vacated the premises, one of the Officers was charged at by an angry mob.

About an hour later after the Mayor had left, power was restored through the Genset.

And one of the people talked to by Byta FM News, Grace Chama, expressed the need for improvement in the manner the Eagles Mealie meal brand is sold to the public.

And Phillip Nyambe regretted the stampede that arose, stating that it compromises security as anyone on the queue can easily get injured.