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Viral Gist

I am 35years old and I attended seminary school from primary to university. My mum and dad were catholic knights so we are catholic to the core. I’m the 3rd son of my parents.

I have this my neighbor, she and her family live directly besides my own compound. My dad used to be friends with her mom before he passed on so I particularly have access into their house.

She was so beautiful, they are all beautiful in their house but she stands out. She’s very kind hearted, gentle, respectful, humble, well mannered and super intelligent. Infact her intelligence made me get attracted to her.

We became really good friends and for the first time ever, I felt the feeling of love for a woman. I’ve never been in an intimate relationship with any woman, I shy away from asking a woman out, I don’t even know how to.

I guess that’s because of my environment. I’m an introvert and I’m so business minded, my life revolves literally around money and books. I knew I was in love with her but I didn’t know how to tell her.

She on the other hand is very reserved and I was scared to loose the good friendship we have by saying any crazy thing to her. She was dating someone then and on three occasions I met her boyfriend, she introduced me to him nicely.

She broke up with her boyfriend two years later and we were still friends. She’s a sabatharian, her parents are clergies and she’s very dedicated in their church matters.

I learnt a lot about their doctrines from her and I became so interested in their church but I never attended because of my family’s deep root in catholic.

I tried psyching her to know if she would agree to marry a Catholic and her response was that she doesn’t want to ever leave her church and not even marriage can make her to.

That was my greatest knockout because my family will not agree to it and I won’t want to have a family where I and my wife do not attend the same church. How about our children? I didn’t think it would be healthy.

I still loved her enough to leave my church because I personally love their doctrines and practices more than mine but the fact that my family wouldn’t accept her weakened my morale.

I continued battling with my feelings until she told me about her new boyfriend. It broke my heart but I was sincerely happy for her. After six months, they commenced marriage rites and she told me too.

She introduced her fiance to me and I was more happier that she got a really good man because that girl is too good to marry anyhow person. The guy became a sabatharian and was dedicated as well.

I see them all the time after service because their church is inside their compound as well. Her fiance is a jolly good fellow and we became good friends too.

I was the chairman of their committee of friends for their wedding and I was genuinely happy for them and made sure I played a good part in it. I put in my time, energy, money, intelligence, anything I could because she has really been a great friend.

After their wedding, my bond with her husband became stronger. Infact I’m nos closer to her husband than her and I’m family to them. I now see her as my sister, we were never intimate, not even a deep hug so I relate with them with no guilt.

It’s been two years now, they have a child together and they are still my family. I’m still in search of a wife, someone as virtuous as she is and I told them about it. They are now even helping me wife-hunt.

My eldest brother is finally getting married and to my greatest shock, he’s marrying from a white garment church and even attends their church in secret. My siblings kicked against it silently but we can’t do anything.

Our parents are late and I remember that before my dad died, he kept declining all suitors that came for my sisters because of this church issue. He mandated us to marry from catholic and even d.i.e in catholic.

My brother is standing on his grounds that he loves his woman enough to marry her not minding her church and that out late parents will understand.

I feel so bad and regret why I wasn’t man enough to say what I wanted. Perhaps, my siblings would have understood. I’ve lost the only person I truly loved to another lucky guy and I won’t feel good if I end up with someone I don’t feel that way about”.