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I and my husband loved each other so much as we don’t quarrel because we understands each other very well but the worst happened

I and my husband loved each other so much as we don’t quarrel because we understands each other very well.

  He was my first love and we dated for seven years before marriage.

Last year, we were awarded the best couple of the year by a spousal organization and we both were happy that at least our marriage have taken another shape.

   He was a Surveyor while I was a banker.

It is said that bankers are always busy but it’s not the same with me. I always make out time for myself and my family.

   He had a bosom friend -Richard.

Richard was a businessman who was so rich and had mansions across the town.

He divorced his wife many years ago.

   Each time they hang out, my husband would always tell him how faithful I was and he’ll always say in his words:

“Forget brother, women are all the same”.

  His face will often wreathe in smiles and he would usually tell him that he didn’t make the right choice.

   So one day, my husband returned from work drained and Richard called him to come to a beer parlour near our area.

He freshened up immediately and headed to the beer parlour.

  On getting there, he saw Richard seated with many bottles of beer on the table at his front.

Although he relish alcoholic drinks, Richard was indeed a dipsomaniac.

He doesn’t miss out on drinking alcohol daily.

Eric – my husband walked perpendicularly to him as they exchange pleasantries.

He ordered the waiter to offer Eric a plate of dried meat which he did immediately.

  While he was eating, he asked Eric about me and how I was coping.

  “We are fine brother, how’s your business?” Eric replied bouncing off the walls.

   “We thank God, things are moving well” He muttered at loggerheads “Do you still believe your wife is faithful?”

  “Yes my brother, she is absolutely one of the best women in the world,” he said bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, “the way she controls the affairs of my family is quite endearing”

Richard burst into laughter and said;

“I know you always commend her but let’s make a bet of two million naira and test her faithfulness”

“If she passes you’ll win my two million naira but if she fails I’ll win yours, deal?”

  Eric agreed instantly as he was fully sure I will pass any test.

  “I am delighted you accepted,” Richard said.

“See the plan, I’ll arrange some boys and they’ll act as if they’re assassins”

“ They’ll give your wife an empty gún to shóot you that if she doesn’t, they’ll shoot you both. If she pulls the trigger, I’ve won but if she doesn’t, she had passed. “Richard uttered as though he was raring to go.

  Eric concurred with him. He said that he’ll tell him the location later. You can send me a friend request to keep in touch.

After they finished drinking to their taste, they went to our various homes.

  The next day, in the morning, Eric ordered me to dress up that we were going to the ShopRite.

I dressed up quickly and he told me to drive.

  I was surprised at first but later coincided to drive him.

We left the house instantly.

And he instructed me to drive through a narrow road we don’t normally follow.

I looked at him as though I was running out of steam.

  And I followed the road.

Straightaway, we were stopped by those boys arranged by Richard.

They were all with their guns and they commanded us to kneel.

   We knelt and they gave me a gun to shóot my husband that if I didn’t do so that they’ll sh-óot me and him.

  Initially, I was fearful but I later held the gúñ tightly and pulled the trigger.

Unfortunately, he fell to the earth and díed.

He did not know that Richard was envious of him.

Written by Mezuo