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I brought a house girl from my village to stay with me in Lagos I never knew it is the beginning of my doom, she nearly killed my children for me




As a young lady with just 4 years in marriage having three kids in 4 years in marriage it wasn’t easy for me to handle the house calls my kids and meeting up with other things and as well as meeting up with my husband in the other room as a result of stress.

Last year August when I went to the village for August meeting I told my mother what I was passing through how I was going through a lot of stress and how I’m not able to meet up and my husband keeps complaining everyday. My mother fed so much beauty for me she asked if my husband cannot help when things are about to get out of hands.

My husband was very caring the time we are dating it was so caring and loving that I cannot even choose another man except him. But unfortunately after one year over marriage everything change. His behavior his caring attitude, everything gone back to zero.

Every little thing I do he will shout out to me when it comes back from work and I have not prepared food he’ll be so angry, today’s standards there was a day come back and I wasn’t able to prepare food because I was washing the kids clothes went to school to bring them back cleaning the house and got some exhausted that I even have to sleep off.

When my husband thunder faithful day I asked me to get his food I told him that I wasn’t able to meet up with food that he should manage the indomie that I cook for the family to eat for the night my husband pick offense and started saying that I don’t know what is out there is because I sit down every day at home looking after kids. I think he’s easy for him when I tried to tell him that I understand he told me to shut up and when I said I’m sorry he picked more offense pour the indomie of my face.

All these are in narrated for my mother she told me that she will get a house help for me. she brought one chiamaka from her village.

She followed me to Lagos after the August meeting at initial time I never knew that I have brought to the devil to my house.

After 1 week of staying chiamaka so begin to change the attitude and behavior if you’re not send her Errands she will frown face at a point I started noticing that whenever I leave my children for her when I come back the children will be crying.

Unlike my children I know my children are very very painful and the hardly cry when I used to be with. Mind you after the first week Jamaica stay with us I took her for shopping get every necessary thing she needed to leave happily as a girl child. I registered her to the nearest secondary school close to my house so that she can come back and help me when necessary after school.

Let me cut the long story short this weekend here I never knew that she used to put pepper inside my children self diapad and they will crying. At a point my children started developing Rush I know how to start watching closely.

I went for work bought a hidden camera and they said it to migrated surprise when I went back to wash the camera I saw this wicked girl putting some substance on my children’s diaper. I couldn’t believe what my I see so I have to tell her the next day that I’m going out that she should take care of the case I wanted to catch her red-handed so I told my husband about this and my husband keep calm and said let’s observe. My husband took them to the her room with my children and drive me off and return back as well.

My house help not knowing that I return back with my husband and I went back to the kids room and hide in the toilet.

Unfortunately for her that faithful day she came back to do her evil work as she has been doing while trying to put my child’s diaper my child was crying I immediately opened the toilet door and to migrated surprise she was missing pepper with the diapers I couldn’t believe this kind of wickedness.


When I ask her what she was behaving such manner she said that she don’t know what came over her she pleaded to stay with me but I can’t continue to raise the life and welfare of my children I have to send her package without beating her to avoid her going to the village without beating her.

I’ll be going to the village December with the video that I captured her to show some elders in the village the level of wickedness leveled against me by a girl I take as my daughter.


Viral Gist




I am 27 years old. And I got married to my husband who is 34 last year and it was a marriage I prayed for to happen because I love him.

Dee loves me too and he sacrificed a lot for my happiness when we were dating. He is a church guy, that’s why I agreed to marry him. We practiced no sex before marriage. He joined our church and we met and liked each other. Our pastor blessed the marriage. On the night of our wedding, I was all ready for my husband to touch him. He told me to relax. I went to bed with my phone trying to reply to messages as I waited for him. As I was pressing my phone, I heard my husband moaning like one who was making out. He was sitting on the couch watching a movie on his laptop. I looked in his direction so I could know what was happening. I found out my husband was masturbating. I went closer to his position and he was watching porn, gay porn.

I was shocked but I didn’t make him feel like it was bad. I jokingly told him that he should focus on me but he rejected my advances and that felt like the beginning of the end for our marriage. After 3 weeks in  I asked him what the problem is, my husband said he enjoys watching porn more than making love to a woman. I asked him why he married me and he said “So the world won’t question his sexuality.” My husband opened up to me that he has never made love to any woman in his life and he would rather be with a man but was too afraid to make that move so he reverts to porn instead.

I became speechless and weak. One day, he went out and bought me toys to use on myself whenever I needed someone inside me, or I could go outside and get to from one particular guy. He promised to pay me a huge monthly allowance which he has begun in exchange for my silence or if I defy him he will ruin me and my family.

The thing is because Dee is very wealthy he took care of not only me during courtship by my entire family, established a business for my parents, put my siblings in very good and expensive schools, and upgraded our entire lives including our family home.

The thought of paying him back financially is not even possible as we can’t afford it as a family. It’s been a year and I am suffering as I feel too guilty to cheat as well and can’t leave because my family is so stuck in a sexless marriage.

It’s so bad people have begun to notice I’m unhappy and keep asking me but I am trying to protect the image of my husband. I am craving intimacy but afraid of going outside of my marriage even though my husband has given me permission, as well I’m unable to leave at least not yet, what can I do? How can I survive?

Please what should I do?much pain  in my heart

Hmmmmm  this one choke

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Viral Gist

Meet my great, great grandpa, he just turned 190 years-old. Grandpa doesn’t speak, he has memory lost



We only bring him out for fresh air & sunlight. Really been a blessing for us all his great grand children in the family to still be having him & even his wife who happens to be 163 years still alive as well.

The prayer of every parent is to live long to see their children’s children my great grandpa is one of the few whom have achieved that. We thank God for his life..

A very Happy Birthday to you Grandpa Joseph”

Credit Shegu

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Viral Gist

‘Aunt, I’m asking for help. ‘Aunty, please help me. It’s not money that I want; I just need you to buy me exercise books for school – 12-year-old boy named Ernest Make a Viral Headline Request



“I met a 12-year-old boy named Ernest who approached me and said, ‘Aunt, I’m asking for help.’ Initially, I hesitated and ignored him, but he persisted, saying, ‘Aunty, please help me. It’s not money that I want; I just need you to buy me exercise books for school.’ He explained that he lives with his grandmother and younger brother, and his grandmother’s legs are swollen to the extent that she cannot walk. He told me he attends a small community primary school and has no one to provide him with books, although he already has a uniform and shoes from the earnings of the odd jobs he’s been doing.

We went to a shop in the market, and I bought 10 exercise books for him. The boy was overjoyed and said, ‘Aunty, they’ll last me the whole year until I write my final exams.’ He shared that his grandmother used to sell vegetables to support him and his brother, but her swelling legs prevent her from continuing, leaving him with no choice but to walk to town every day to seek help or find work if available to earn money for food.

His eloquence and the details he shared in such a short time amazed me.

Please, let’s not ignore those who ask for help, as some truly need it. I’m glad I could extend a helping hand to this little boy in the best way I could.”

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