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I feel happy” – Osita Iheme on how he feels about his memes circulating online

Legendary actor, Osita Iheme alias Paw Paw opens up on how he feels about his memes which are in constant circulation on social media.

Undoubtedly, Osita Iheme’s memes have become a go-to for many netizens when wanting to express themselves on social media.

In a recent interview, the actor was asked about how he feels when he’s memes are used by Nigerians.

He stated that it proves that what one has done has value; even though many of these works have been done years ago, they continue to be valuable to people.

Osita noted that he feels happy people are still using the scenes from his works from 20 years ago to express themselves and it proves that he has many assets out there.



A man of Ndola has sued his wife’s boss for allegedly having an affair with her after he discovered pictures of him playing with her wig in their office.

Godwin Malama of Kabushi Township has sued Bilkash Dapania, a man of Indian origin whom he accused of committing adultery with Naomi Bwalya, 33.

When the case came up before Ndola Main Local Magistrate Bizarre Nyoni, Malama told the court that what made him suspect Dapania of having an affair with Bwalya were the photos he found on her phone.

Malama told the court that the pictures were captured on September 27 last year around 07:00 hours, when the alleged adultery is suspected to have happened.
In his testimony, Dapania told the court that there were other employees in the office when the photos were captured.

And Nicholas Bwalya, who is Bwalya’s immediate supervisor, said on the material day, they were having a light moment in the morning with other employees before commencing work when Bwalya arrived at work.

“Bwalya came with a wig at the office so we started joking about how it looked on her considering her dark complexion. We joked that it would look better on our boss. So we got the wig from her and put it on his head,” he said.

Bwalya said that it was at that point that she started getting some pictures of Dapania putting on the wig.

In her testimony, she told the court that she suspects the reason her husband accused her of having an affair with her boss was because she filed for divorce before the incident.

Magistrate Nyoni adjourned the case to March 5, 2024 for judgement.