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Viral Gist

I had a girl I wanted to get married to, we dated over 3yrs plus. She was all over me and same with me,  I discharged every other lady just because of my ex

I loved her so much. She too, from my observation, loved me so much. She was all I wanted in a woman. I discharged every other lady just because of my ex.

We discussed every aspects in relationship, and I was convinced we were compatible. I told her I wanted to get married to her this year. She was so excited and happy about that.

She told me I should come and see her parents, which no doubt I was so happy about.

Then I was in the east, while they were living in Abuja. I told my family about my journey. They were so happy for me, so I set off to Abuja.

Getting to Abuja, I called one of my close friends to escort me on the journey,he agreed. I bought wine and some gifts for my ex girl.

We arrived there and they welcomed us warmly. I expressed my intention to the family. We dinned together, then we left.

After 2 days she visited me. We were discussing and she told me that she  had never seen herself being a member of the Catholic Church.  She’s an Assemblies of God member and I am a Catholic.

I was shocked because we had discussed this a  long time ago and she said that’s not an issue. I asked her why she’s saying otherwise now.

I went ahead to tell her it was okay, that we could do our wedding in their church, then she should start attending her own church after the wedding.

But she said she didn’t like it that way. I asked her if that’s what’s going to put asunder on this journey and she said no. After everything,  she left. I also gave her some money.

After that day, I noticed her communication and vibes dropped drastically. I called her on several occasions asking her what the problem was, but she said nothing. She stopped calling and chatting me up. I became the only one forcing communication.

She later switched off her phone for 4 days and in those days if I manage to get through to her, she won’t pick the call.

After I finally got her on the phone, I asked what the problem was. After much persuasion, she said it’s  a personal issue.

I said to myself, let me take a break and see her reaction. But she didn’t call or text. I told my friend everything and asked him to help me call her and find out what the problem was or if I offended her in any way.

My friend called her and she said she hadn’t said yes or no to my proposal. That God was yet to speak to her about it. I was so disappointed. How come in all these years I professed my love and propose to you you didn’t hear from God? I kept calm. I didn’t call or text her for like a week.

She then sent a message that read:
“Dear Good Morning, Hope you’re Doing Well?  I Know U Might Regret Loving Me Or Even Asking Me To Be Ur Wife In The First Place.  Well I Have Noting Against You. Infact I Appreciate All Your Love & Care. But Am Sorry To Say I Don’t Think It Will Work Because I Can’t See The God Factor In It. Pls Am Very Sorry Making You Feel Disappointed. I Pray God Brings Your own For You. I Wish You The Very Best Ok.
Thank You.”

Though it pained me, but I didn’t breakdown because I have guarded my heart to take the outcome of any situation whether good or bad.

Now I am not in any relationship and I am happy being alone.I have learned my lesson though.”