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I saw this doll in the market and bought it for my daughter, only to leave my daughter with the doll and came back to see my daughter fainted

A Nigerian lady has took to her Facebook page to narrator all day long how a doll she bought for her daughter turns to a nightmare for her as she left her daughter with the doll only to return back to see that her daughter has fainted.

According to the lady post he said she came across the doll in market where someone says she selling this doll at cheaper rate, she bought the doll and brought it home for her daughter because her daughter used to like scary dolls as pets.

According to the woman to higrated surprise she left her daughter with the doll and the return back in and about 10 minutes time only to find out that her daughter has fainted with the doll on her side.

She called that neighbors for help and anyone who comes to help her who sees the modded doll on the floor run away because of scary nature.