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I want to send this message to my husband’s side_chk,  Lydia, this is my husband and I, My dear, we’ve been married for over 9yrs – Nigerian Woman Stirs Reactions online.

My dear, take a look at me very well. Are you b,lnd..!  because i keep wondering what gives you the courage to think that you can have my man. As you can see, I’m a woman with class by now you should have known that you, can never in your wildest imagination match my standards. Not even in Beauty.

At age 23, you should be focusing on your studies or building a career for you self & not a married man, first of all you’re just too young for my husband so, stop dce!vng yourself my dear coz he knows better. He’ll never marry you. We both know that, you have absolutely nothing to offer that i, haven’t given him already. For your information, just incase you didn’t carry out your research before going after a married man. I have 3kids with this man, its been 9yrs of marriage so, which bedroom style do you think that we haven’t tried, our sx life is perfect my dear & I’ve given him 3 beautiful daughters that he loves so much.

Lydia, You’ve seen my man, i do not need to tell you about how healthy & fresh he looks, that’s coz i feed him very well my dear. So what do you think you can possibly give my man, that he do not already have at home ! My husband doesn’t cheat & he has never cheated on me before.  Thats because he loves me my dear, He loves his kids, he loves his family. Those “ju-ju” charms you’ve been using on my husband, I’ll advise that you stop before it bckf!res. Let me give you this piece of advise for free. Go out there & get yourself a single man & stop going about with a married man because it wouldn’t yield any fruits for you. Thank you”