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My name is Fabian  and I am 23 years of age. We lived in Meanwood in Lusaka . My parents converted to Islam and I had to change my name to Bashir Fabian. I had never been into young Islamic classes before. This incident happened when I was 16 years of age. We would go to the mosque two days a week for teachings that were meant to fully incorporate me fully as a Muslim. At the mosque, I met Sheik Ibrahim who was my teacher by that time. The first three weeks at the mosque he really seemed to be a good person to me. After classes, I would approach him for further questions concerning my new religion
As time went by, he started molesting me by touching my sexual organs. He threatened to kill me if I told anyone. At first, he told me it was part of teachings. Each time I was afraid to go for the classes but my mum would push me to them for really she needed me to have all the teachings and expectations of being a Muslim. After a while I got used to this I saw things were just good. Each moment he would touch my sexual organs I would feel it was okay for him. As time went by he sodomized me but I never told anyone for fear. As time went by, I again got used to this. This was a norm now in my life my instructor would sexually assault me where I came to get used to it.

When I turned 21 years of age I had become a guru in sodomy and which really made me dislike the female gender. I met Remmy who was my gay lover. The problem was that my mum never knew my ideology. Time reached when I had to introduce my new lover to my parents. When I took Remmy home, I told my parents he was my new wife which really made my parents furious. I really did not know how my mum organized but the next step we found ourselves at a certain super sangoma called Dr. Volodya she lamented that being gay was a taboo in our African traditional society and thus I was really making them as parents to have a difficult time. Dr. VOLODYA did his rituals and we were our souls  cleaned and cleansed. I had been having gay instincts and since that day I have never had the same feelings as Dr. Volodya did everything to ensure I was straight again.

Any person with a gays problem should have a visit to Lusaka Kabulonga Dr. Volodya for he will ensure you live the right way and how society expects of you.  He ensures your life problems in marriage are solved by providing you as couples with counseling and guidance programs and by the use of love candles to sweeten your marriage. For consultations call +260971943970  or visit his medicine shrine on Kabulonga ,Lusaka.
Are you looking for a traditional healer near you who can provide guaranteed results in your life? Look no further than  Dr Zuberi Volodya Located in Lusaka ,Kabulonga . He is an experienced African traditional healer who offers a variety of services, including marriage and relationship help, Alcohol and Drugs Addiction,win tenders ,witches:fix houses,cars &shops, assistance with winning court cases, success in career ,  market and business problems, and tailored spiritual advice. With Dr Volodya tested and proven methods, you can experience guaranteed results in your life. So why wait? Consult Dr Volodya today and reap the benefits of their expertise!
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Get rid of chronic ailments such as elephantiasis, dermatopathy,renal failure, total impotence, rheumatism, incurable wound, hepatitis a/b/c,stroke, menstrual pain, premature ejaculation,low sperm count,barren woman ,big bottoms ,spilt feet ,hernia asthma , typhoid , ovarian cyst,true man’s size, absence of ovulation, fibroids,(multiple& single), pelvic pains,fungal,ulcers ,high cholesterol , hormonal imbalance and sugar diabetes.
Dr Volodya is a powerful witch doctor, herbalist, spiritualist and astrologist. With great great grand  father ancestors from the powerful lands of Mozambique, and great knowledge from all over Africa, Volodya is the Greatest. With over 25 years of profound experience, Volodya can help you with a wide variety of rituals and lasting charms to help you fix your life and win at it. Having helped over 10000+ people from Zambia,Africa, Europe USA, Uk, Russia,Canada Australia,Asia  and South Korea as well he can help you as well. Call Sms WeChat or Whatsapp him today.+260971943970
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