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Ministry of Information and Media Permanent Secretary Thabo Kawana says the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) layman’s bill being compiled by the technical working group is not targeting certain individuals.

Mr Kawana encouraged those broadcasting online to familiarise themselves with the law and not feel targeted after Government recommended that IBA should start regulating podcasts.

He said when IBA layman’s bill is enacted into law, the authority will license all persons that want to use the Internet to broadcast content.

“The ministry is not concerned about podcasts,” Mr Kawama said in a response to a press query.

“No-one is being targeted as long as they understand what a podcast is and they do not offend other laws such as the Penal Code Act and the Cyber Security and Cyber Crimes Act or any other written law that prohibits vices like seditious acts, hate speech, defamation of character and other vices that the IBA guards against through enforcing broadcasting guidelines.”

Mr Kawama said hitherto, there has been no legal framework to allow IBA to give a licence to a person that wishes to broadcast via Internet.

He said it is in this context that Government wants to be regulating online broadcasting