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Mr Graphael Musamba could be setting himself to go down as the most partisan Chief of Police in the entire history of policing in Zambia.

The main reason for our concern that Mr Musamba’s ending could be dire is because of how he has openly and publicly curtailed the ability of Zambians to freely assemble and express or mobilise themselves.

It is doubly sad at a time like now when we (Zambians) should be discussing looming exponentially high costs of fuel, electricity and runaway mealie meal prices, we also have to discuss a ´trigger happy´ top cop. He certainly has presented himself as the most openly partisan and heavy-handed Chief of Police, Zambia has ever had since 1964.


Let us look at the litany of Constitutional breaches by Mr Musamba, so that we are not mistaken for sowing ‘sour grapes or bitter.´ Which is common from the ruling UPND, regarding anyone that holds them to account:

1. Mr Musamba has transformed the Zambia Police from being a Police Service into being a Police Force.

2. Mr Musamba’s partisan inclination and abuse of public office made him to deploy state security to protect illegalities in the holding of a fake Conventions for the PF as well as the NDC in Lusaka and Kabwe, respectively.

3. Mr Musamba has orchestrated conduct that is reminiscent of Pre-independence Policing were Zambians were treated like animals without any consideration for human rights.

4. Mr Musamba’s police force have orchestrated the kidnapping of opposition political leaders like Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba and Mr Rizwani Patel.

5. Mr Musamba continues to abuse his office by stopping opposition political parties from freely mobilizing rallies, a clear breach of their Constitutional rights. The PF, the CF and SP have all been casualties to his heavy handedness.

6. Mr Musamba deployed gun wielding blood thirst police officers to disrupt and apprehend Mr. Kasonde Mwenda who was holding a press conference.

7. Mr Musamba recently had a youth arrested who wanted to protest with his friends against the ever-increasing biting cost of living that has seen prices of the staple food maize teeter close to K400 per 25kg bag 64% of Zambians cannot afford.

8. Mr Musamba has made statements that on his watch “opposition parties will never hold public rallies” against Constitutional provisions that allow them to freely assemble or associate.

9. Mr Musamba has continued to preside over the Zambia Police Force that has recorded the highest number of arrests of opposition political leaders on flimsy charges and in some cases with no charges at all.

10. Mr Musamba’s police officers broke into Patriot for Economic Progress, PeP’s, Leader’s home Mr Sean Tembo. Clearly engaging in criminal activities on the pretext of effecting an arrest.

11. Mr Musamba’s police force arrested a pastor in Kitwe for speaking against the demolishing of shops at Chisokone market.

12. Mr Musamba’s police force attempted to rip apart the gate to the home of the 6th President of Zambia using a grinder.

13. Mr Musamba’s police force  arrested a caller in Kabwe who differed with the Kabwe District Commissioner on the high cost of living.

14. Mr Musamba’s police force assaulted Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba and Mr Chilufya Tayali, among others.

15. Mr. Musamba’s callous police force followed a then sick Ms.Edith Zewelani Nawakwi, President of the Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) to the hospital and wanted to arrest her from her sick bed.


While the above enumeration is not exhaustive, it presents sufficient evidence that the Republican President Mr Hakainde Hichilema is complicit in the activities that Mr Musamba has been orchestrating. It is our profound view that a President who means well for his country’s image at home and abroad would allow his Inspector General of Police to continue abusing the law with impunity.

If this man is left unchecked and allowed to continue on this trajectory, Zambia’s Democratic credentials will be obliterated and we can only have Mr. Hakainde Hichilema to blame for that. UKA would, therefore, like to call upon Zambians not to succumb to the whims of those who seek to suppress our human rights and turn this nation into a pariah of demagoguery.

Mr Musamba must never take Zambians’ kind heartedness to be a sign of weakness… On the contrary, they have proven to be forceful and usually take a strong stand to kick out any dictatorial tendencies just as they did against the founding President of our Republic Dr. Kaunda’s one party state.



Our concern as UKA is the continued silence of our Western dignitaries who have been champions of the rule of law. Other than the US Ambassador’s voice on corruption, we have noticed, with interest, the laud silence of the other diplomats accredited to Zambia.

They have elected to be “innocent bystanders” while Mr. Hakainde Hichilema continues to obliterate the institutions of governance. The people of Zambia are watching and as UKA we are following this with keen interest.

We feel it is a timely caution to our development partners to disengage and put the interests of Zambia and Zambians at heart than risk being an attribution to the tyrannical rule of Mr Hakainde Hichilema’s regime that will be stopped on August, 12 2026.

We call upon President Hichilema to stop Mr Musamba, a known UPND IG and appoint an impartial non partisan IG as he starts to prepare for a peaceful exit and if his legacy is to be appreciated, otherwise he risks going down as a failed President.

Jackson Silavwe
Chairperson Commmuications
United Kwacha Alliance


How To Get The ₦50,000 Federal Government Grant



The ₦50,000 Federal Government grant is genuine. And it is not a loan. It is a gift. The reason why you think it is not real is because you want the Federal Government to give it to you when you don’t have a business. The grant is only meant for people who have a business, even if it is a nano business. It is not money for you to spend. It is money for you to invest in an already existing business.

You must have a growth plan and proof of your identity and address.

Listen, this is a good initiative. It is something worthy of the support of all Nigerians. Not everything must be about politics. This is good for our economy and for you.

Grant Eligibility Criteria
Own a nano business.
Operate a business with progressive economic potential, and desire to grow the business.
Be willing to engage at least one additional staff member if turnover increases
Be willing to provide proof of residential/business address in the Local Government Area
Provide relevant personal and bank account information, including Bank Verification, (BVN) for verification of identity and National Identification Number (NIN)

Here is the website. Stop complaining and start applying for grant.

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I know where Yahaya Bello is – Very Dark Man reacts to the EFCC’s manhunt for Yahaya Bello



Former Kogi State Governor Yahaya Bello is currently at large and has been declared wanted by the EFCC.

This information has reached Very Dark Man’s ears, and he claims to know the current location of the former Governor.

In a new video that Very Dark Man made, he started by saying that EFCC is claiming to not know where Yahaya Bello is, even though he stole billions of Naira. He also said that they can’t find Yahaya Bello, but they easily track and arrest Yahoo boys that steal meager sums like $50.

Very Dark Man expressed his shock with regards to the fact that it is easy for the EFCC to go hunting for Yahoo boys, yet they are finding it difficult to locate Yahaya Bello, who has stolen a whole country’s money.

He went on to say that the money Yahaya Bello stole was enough to fix Kogi State, which is currently one of the poorest states in Nigeria.

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Police Nab Prime Suspect In Alleged Murder Of 400L ABSU Student




Abia State Police Command officials have detained Emmanuel Victor for his involvement in the suspected killing of a 400-level student from Abia State University, Uturu.

An online viral video shows the muŕ der of Emmanuel Uche in front of Miracle Lodge, Uturu.

In a statement released to Newsmen on Thursday by the PRO, ASP Maureen Chinaka, the Abia state Police command announced the arrest of a suspect based on credible intelligence received that same day.

According to reliable information, on the 18th of April 2024 around 1100hrs, law enforcement officers from Abia State Police Command detained the main suspect in the viral video showing the kil!ling of Emmanuel Uche at Miracle Lodge, Abia State University, Uturu.

The individual known as Emmanuel Victor has admitted to the wrongdoing and is now in legal custody, awaiting to be taken to court.

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