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Viral Gist

I’m in love with a married man, please read my story and kindly guide me through this situation

Life often presents us with challenging situations that test our emotions and morals. This story comes from a woman in Anambra State, Nigeria, who finds herself in a complex web of love and relationships. Her journey is one of deep emotion, hard choices, and a quest for guidance.

For six years, she has been in a relationship with a man with whom she has two children. Despite this long-term relationship and the responsibilities they share, he hasn’t formalized their union through marriage. Her parents are unaware of him, and her father has even taken custody of her son, demanding to meet the father before releasing him. This action, driven by a protective instinct, underscores the seriousness of her situation.

Last year, she met someone new online. Through chats and video calls, they developed a strong connection, one that felt as if they had known each other for years. She visited him in Enugu, and that visit changed everything. She realized she had fallen deeply in love with this new man, a love that now feels stronger than what she feels for her children’s father.

The twist in her story is that the new man is married with children. This revelation has left her in a state of confusion and emotional turmoil. She is torn between the new love that fills her heart and the father of her children, who has yet to make a formal commitment to her.

Her plea is for guidance. She is in the comment section, reading every piece of advice, hoping to find a way through this maze of emotions.