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I’m sure village People is after someone in that plane: Moment lightning struck Air Canada plane seconds after take-off

Moment lightning struck Air Canada plane seconds after take-off

A shocking video on Wednesday, March 6, surfaced online on Wednesday, March 6, capturing the moment lightning struck a Boeing 777 shortly after it departed from Vancouver Airport in Canada on Sunday, March 3, Daily Mail reports.

No casualties were recorded and the flight landed as planned in London.

The video, taken by aviation enthusiast, Ethan West, who is studying to become a pilot, showed when the plane was hit by lightning.

The lightning bolt hit the plane right in the middle and continued towards the ground without disturbing the plane.

“I saw that there was a 777-300 taking off that was going to be heading for London Heathrow, and the 777 is one of my favourite aircraft and is like the largest twin-engine aircraft in the world, so I thought it’d be interesting to snap a quick video of it because it’s super loud,” he told CityNews Vancouver.

Air Canada said the aircraft was inspected upon arrival at London Heathrow Airport to ensure that no damage affected the safety of the flight.

According to the National Weather Service, the U.S. weather agency, each plane is struck by lightning on average once or twice a year.

Source: TikTok | ethan_west10