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Viral Gist

In December 2020 I was diagnosed of Hyperprolactinema after my engagement in November 22nd 2020; I called my Husband then my fiancee and told him everything, however the Doctor said, the chances of been pregnant is 50/50

My Husband said in Response ; Honey, the Doctor said abi?
Me : Yes
Him : We’re not ready for kids yet, until after one year in marriage, don’t worry about anything, when we’re ready God will fulfill his promises, meanwhile you will go for the medications as prescribed, you will be fine.
Me: Alright, thank you.

I thought and wondered in hours, This is a very rare answer that can come from few men to someone they’re yet married to, knowing the chances of having a child is slim already, but he kept encouraging me each day, pushing my fears behind and always reminding me God’s healing power.

Wedded June 2021, June 5th 2022 I was confirmed pregnant.

February 18th 2023 , was a Saturday, everyone was preparing for the wedding of Chinedu Frank Emmanuel  and Promise Peter , 5 man Flag bearers were lodged in my house, my  Husband and Olekanma Allwell  were all out putting things in place, at 8:32pm I already have prepared yam and sauce for everyone’s dinner, served them all and dished mine to eat, immediately I picked a piece of yam  to eat because I was hungry, my body system was disorganized, I was battling with stomach pains etc, I stood up and went to the room, picked my phone and called the Doctor, she said move to the Hospital, don’t stay home, it’s time  I was happy but I didn’t know what the pains  was like… My Husband drove home, helped me with all I needed into the car without the knowledge of our visitors, we left for the Hospital, at 11pm contraction began slowly, from 11pm 18th February till the 11:42 am February 19th 2023 which is 12hours, I never sat down, nor led down, I was walking back and forth the hospital staircase, I was in pains  my Husband didn’t sleep, the Nurses too, Nurse Sophia was my helping hand, at 10am the Doctor told my Aunt if this contraction continues in this manner , it will result to CS because she’s tired already, at 11am the contraction will come and go, at this point I had only 10percent strength within me… I made a decision, once the contraction comes again, am going to push , the Doctor and Nurses were praying, I said a prayer : God it’s the 11th hour, let your Grace and miracle abound, am going to do this in your power to your own Glory, I have been serving you till yesterday night too diligently as I promised, it’s time you in turn deliver this child and keep me too…. I said  Amen.

In the lowest tone, I called out to the Doctor, it’s time, She said no my Baby, don’t push hard by yourself, I want to save this Child and you too please… I said, okay then work with my spirit now….. She said alright…. The nurses were singing, some were crying, because it was in weakness and almost the last strength left within and out of me…. The contraction Came again, the Doctor was ready, I said okay am pushing, I pushed immediately, the baby head was out, every hand was busy, singing was heard, At 11:42am  ZIMCHIKACHIM was born…. My Husband was out leading in a parade at the wedding, I called him and the News was everywhere, it was a double celebration.