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Viral Gist

In the hospital, I was informed that I was the only survivor of the accident and that I had lost one of my legs

It was a day that started with unparalleled joy and ended with a life-altering event. I was at work, eagerly going about my tasks, when I received the news that my wife had just given birth to our first child. Words cannot describe the elation I felt. My colleagues shared in my joy, and we celebrated together. Seeking to join my family, I quickly took permission from my boss to visit my wife and newborn son at the hospital. My boss, generous and supportive, even gave me some cash to buy something for my wife and the baby.

Standing by the roadside, I waited anxiously for a taxi. It took around 12 minutes before one finally arrived. As I got in, I saw that there were already five people inside, including the driver. I called my wife to let her know I was on my way, brimming with excitement to see my family. However, my joy was soon overshadowed by anxiety as I noticed the driver was speeding recklessly.

I asked him repeatedly to slow down, but he ignored me. The third time I spoke up, he responded angrily, asserting his 13 years of driving experience and dismissing my concerns. Strangely, the other passengers remained silent, seemingly unbothered by the speed. Reluctantly, I decided to stay quiet as well, hoping for a safe journey.

Just ten minutes into the drive, disaster struck. The driver attempted to overtake a heavy truck, and everything changed in an instant. The next thing I knew, I woke up in a hospital, 12 hours later, surrounded by the sterile scent of medical equipment. I was informed that I was the only survivor of the accident and that I had lost one of my legs.

The news was devastating. I was now a father, but I had to come to terms with my new reality—living with one leg. The journey since then has been challenging. There are moments when I look at old pictures of myself walking on two legs, and tears well up. I remember the freedom of movement, the simple joy of walking, and it hits hard.

Yet, despite the grief and the loss, I find solace in my survival. I believe that God has a reason for every circumstance in our lives. I was saved for a reason, and I hold on to that belief with gratitude. My son, my family, and the second chance at life are blessings I cherish deeply.

I am thankful for life, despite its hardships. Each day is a testament to resilience and faith. I may have lost a leg, but I gained a deeper appreciation for the life I have and the love that surrounds me.

-Thank you, Lord, for the gift of life and for giving me the strength to endure and embrace each day with gratitude.