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One of the women claiming that late lawyer Tutwa Ngulube fathered her child is actually married and the same kid was born while she was already wedded.

This is said to be making it problematic for administrators of Mr Ngulube’s estate to identify true beneficiaries of his assets.

Mr Ngulube’s sister, Tawanda Ngulube, has submitted in court that it has been difficult to ascertain the truthfulness of the woman claiming to have kids with her late brother, who had many children out of wedlock.

“Some women who made claims that the deceased fathered their children had children as young as two months old,” she has submitted in court.

“As such, it was difficult to ascertain with certainty the truthfulness of the claims by the mothers as those children were not known by any of members of the Ngulube family.

“The process of identifying beneficiaries even became more complicated on account that one woman who claimed that the deceased fathered her child is married and the named child was born during her marriage with her current husband.”

In this case, Catherine Kuntepa, a guardian of Mr Ngulube’s alleged five children, the youngest 12 months, has sued the deceased’s wife Glenda Sokontwe and Ms Ngulube.

Ms Kuntepa wants the Lusaka High Court to order Ms Sokontwe and Ms Ngulube, as administrators, to render an inventory of the lawyer’s estate.

She also wants the court to order the duo to distribute a full and fair share of the estate to the deceased’s children under her care.