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Kabwe:Caretaker Is Caught In Bed With A Married Man In An Apartment They Reside In

Drama unfolded in Kabwe during the wee hours of Friday after a married man was caught in bed with a caretaker of an apartment he lives in,giving relief and so mucy joy to the all the married women who resided in the apartent.Why?
According to neighbours privy to the incident, the woman was a known habitual husband snatcher and has been a real threat to her tenants and their families.

The man she was caught engaging with in the illicit relationship, neighbours said, was among vocal elders who,during day amongst the people,condemned the woman’s habits.

However,unknown to many, the father of three could sneak into the caretaker’s house during the late night and he could quench his desires.
“Every weekend this lady sleeps with men who reside here. I wonder what is her business because she is married and she has a family. It is time her husband who resides in Lusaka comes back and starts taking care of her,” one of the neighbours said.

He said that the caretaker was enticing men to her bed with the most hunted being thirsty bachelors who had just started off life.

“Almost everyone in this apartment is married but most men do not service their wives because the caretaker drains the energy out of all of them,” an insider said.

The duo, who have for some time now been trying to operate in the shadows, met their fate after they became inseparable during a steamy late night romantic session.
Neighbours who responded to their distress calls said that the pair was caught naked on the matrimonial bed. They made entry into the house after breaking the door.

“We had to break the door for us to enter. We did not understand what was happening but there were screams from inside. We were left agape to find that they were having an affair and a huge snake had appeared on the bed. We did not believe as the man was always speaking against the caretaker’s advances towards married men.” he said.

It later emerged that the caretaker’s husband had noticed that her wife was cheating left right and centre.
He received this information from neighbours who were keeping tabs on the woman.

The caretaker’s husband is said to have later resorted to finding a native doctor who pledged to net her if she continued to cheat. The doctor was later identified as Dr Mawanda Shafiq.

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