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Lilongwe:Man Returns Stolen 42-inch Tv Set stuck On His Head

A rare spectacle left Kinyinya residents mouths wagging after a man suspected to have stolen a plasma Tv set and other house valuables returned to the scene of crime with the Tv stuck on his head.
The 32-year old man identified as Simplex Chilima is said to have been upset and seemingly left with no other recourse after the 42 inch Tv failed to detouch.

According to the residents who witnessed the incident, said that Simplex gained entry into the building of through the main gate that was left unlocked and took away assorted items including Tv sets.

“Simplex told us that he had been sent by Chimwendo to collect a few items from his house. We did not suspect that he was lying and went ahead to steal.” Eye witness said.
He said that later in the day after Chimwendo arrived back at his residence and then he complained that someone had entered his premises and took away house items.

Little did Simplex know was, Chimweendo had long sought services of a powerful spell caster who is also a traditional herbalist who had locked his property out of theft through protective spells.
“Chimweendo came to our yard and asked whether we had seen an intruder at his premises but we told him that someone by the name Simplex was around and told them that he had permission to collect the house items.” Another witness said.

It is reported that it did not take long until Simplex returned to the crime scene with a television set which he had stolen shortly after the traditional herbalist Dr.Mawanda Shafiq who Chimweendo had sought his services performed some ritual.

The residents were astonished by Simplex who was also attacked by a mob in the area as he walked back to the home from where the television had originated.
Simplex was relieved after asking for forgiveness from Chimweendo and for lying to the neighbours before Dr. Mawanda Shafiq unleashed a word spell to set Simplex free.

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