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A Pentecostal Papa of Lusaka has aband0ned his h£avily pr£gnant wif£ to marry a sw££ter congregant after only seven months of marriage.

Just last October, Pastor Penias Mbewe of Miracle Pool Bedsider Church stood before a parked and unlulat!ng congregation vowing to be with Josephine Mbewe forever, in good times and in bad times.

Soon after the marriage, Pastor Mbewe quickly got to implementing God’s command of filling this earth to the brim and ensured that his wife was the m0therly way within weeks.

But before the couple’s child could even be born, Pastor Mbewe was back in front of the church exchanging marital v0ws with another w0man, a congregant of his.

Marry!ng twice in the same church in a space of seven months was easy for Pastor Mbewe as his spir!tual father Pastor O’Brian Kandesha who is the overseer of the congregation was at hand to bless both his marr!ages.

Pastor Mbewe waited for the day his w!fe was absent from church to have another marr!age blessing.

Finding his new wife Margret Makondo juicier, the Pastor ran to the Matero Local Court to plead that his marr!age with Josephine be dissolved immediately.

As for the reasons he was div0rcing the w0man who is just two months away from delivering him a child, Pastor Mbewe said he could no longer leave with her j£alous tendencies and lack of trust in him.

In her submission, Josephine said she still l0ved the cl£rgyman and would have loved the marriage to continue.

Josephine told the court thar the first few weeks of her marr!age was blissful but the union became strained when her husband began spending nights out of the matrimonial home and denying her s£x.

She told the court that after an investigation, she discovered that her husband had s£cretly

marr!ed a prayer warrior from her church.

But Pastor Mbewe who was accompanied to court by his sp!ritual father insisted he wanted to have n0thing to do with Josephine.

Handling the case, Magistrate Harriet Mulenga upheld the claim for div0rce and ordered that Pastor Mbewe compensate Josephine with K10,000 starting with K2,000 effective this month end and later k1,000 per month.

She also ordered that he maintains her pr£gnancy with K500 monthly until she delivers.

“What kind of m£n of God are you? What kind of message do you preach at your church? How can you l!e to a woman you marr!ed on your own and on top of that, d.ump her when she is seven months pre£gnant? And you pastor Kandesha, how can you bless a man twice for marr!age despite knowing that he is marr!ed? What you have done to this w0man is not fair,” said Magistrate Mulenga.

Upon hearing the Magistrate’s sentiments, Pastor Kandesha threw his spir!tual s0n und£r the bus claiming that was never aware that he was a marr!ed man when he was blessing his marr!age with the second w0man.