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Malawi:My Father Drove Us Out Of Home Immediately He Married A Second Wife

My father was a responsible person who provided for every need of our family until the day he met a woman named Cathy and officially made him his second wife. Our lives changed in the blink of an eye the moment she was introduced to us as our second mother. At first, my mother was against this but my husband’s family fought so hard for Cathy to be my father’s wife. She had no voice and power to fight this because everybody else was against her.

His neglect towards us begun when he stopped providing money for us to survive with, he even pulled out my elder brother from school and started schooling Cathy’s daughter who was not even of his blood. My mother was forced to work in people’s houses as a maid to provide for us after our father left her the bigger chunk of the family’s responsibilities. She thought of leaving but she could not afford to bring shame to her parents back home and so she decided to stay and endure everything.

One day my mother came home so late since that day, she had a lot of chores to do in her boss’ house, when she got home all hell broke loose after my father accused her of staying out late engaging in adultery while pretending to be working as a maid. That night, my father mercilessly beat my mother and drove us out of our home stating clearly that from now henceforth he never considered us his family,to be exact,he disowned us.

We were forced to wander the streets and stay in abandoned kiosks just to get through the night. My mother was so ashamed to turn to her family for help and so instead, she reached out to her primary school mate for help. The friend kindly sheltered us.After a few days of heart to heart talk between my mother and her longtime friend,she offered her Doctor Mawanda Shafiq’s contact information and advised that she should ensure that she calls the number for her to end all her suffering.

My mother made a call to the reknowned traditional medicine-man also known as the miracle man,Doctor Mawanda Shafiq on :+260767053936/ +260779652913 and booked to see him, since we had no place to stay my mother took all of us to see him. The Doctor then performed a good luck charm on my mother and all my other siblings. After that, we left and went back to our shelter.

Two weeks later, my mother started her own business that really thrived even through these tough times. She received so many customers which were not what she had expected earlier, in a month’s time, we were able to move into a bigger house. All my other siblings secured well-paying jobs and are now supporting us through school. My father on the other hand lost his job and is now living in misery after his second wife abandoned him.

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