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Mama I’m bleeding, what is happening my baby? Mama please stop it’s painful, it’s very painful. Ogechi crying out in agonizing pain.

One Upon A Mother
Episode.   5

Arh are, aaaah mama I’m bleeding, what is happening my baby? Mama please stop it’s painful, it’s very painful. Ogechi crying out in agonizing pain.

Will you mind dying? What I’m I doing with a disgrace like you as a daughter? I don’t care if the bastard inside of you dies or you. Now get up from there and finish this clothes cause you still have alot to do. Adaugo said unremorsefully as she pushed ogechi away and walk inside.

Obianuju came back to collect the meeting contribution from her since they’re both the treasurer. But could hear loud scream and agonizing from afar.

She rushed down and behold ogechi was bleeding under the heavy rain, rolling on the erosion.

Jesus, ogechi, adaugo come come oo, ogechi is bleeding. The baby, I hope she is okay, adaugo oo. And who is that mad dog of a woman screaming my name like that? Adaugo responded rudely from the inside.

Oh it’s you, you might as well take her to your house, I thought you should be at the meeting. And I will ask the leader to fine you, if you dare come late. Adaugo said to obianuju.

What? Adaugo, what did you say? Obianuju asked angrily. Mama my mother wants to k’ill me and my baby, she said we should die. Ogechi forcefully whisper to obianuju.

Jesus, adaugo, you did this? And left her like this inside the rain? You need to be called to order. What kind of evil are you? Is this really who you are adaugo?.

Should anything happen to this girl and her pregnancy, I won’t forgive you and God will judge you. How can you be this evil? My dear, let me take you to the midwife. Obianuju tried to help ogechi up, rested one of her hand on her neck and shoulder so she can walk.

God will truly judge you, and you call yourself a Christian and the leader of CWO? Father must hear this. Wicked witch like you,.

You own blood and you treat her like this? Your only child. And what are you preaching to people?. Obianuju pouring out her anger whilst helping ogechi to walk.

Mtcheeew if only you will keep that bunch of embarrassment and disgrace with you. She wants to disgrace me in this village and the church to mock me.

Uchechi was her on her coming back to visit ogechi, carrying food with umbrella. Remembering the last time she’s not eating for days.

She stopped obianuju on the way as she scream and flag at them. Mama, mama, it’s me, please stop I was just coming to the house.

What happened to my friend, ogechi, what is the matter? Please talk to me. Mama have you noticed she’s bleeding and getting so weak? Ogechi fell to the ground and became unconscious.

She has lost alot of blood plus the stress which made her so weak. Aah ogechi, what is the matter, Jesus please wake up, wake up. What is going on.

Uchechi started running around inside the rain looking for help,she almost throw away the flask she was holding.

Mama, what is happening to ogechi my friend?. Obianuju immediately noticed ogechi isn’t breathing again. She called his son to quickly bring his okada to take them to the hospital.

The primary health center that the Catholic opened newly in the village, they brought big doctors from the city. They quickly rushed her there, they got to the hospital, obianuju pleaded with uchechi to stay with her.

While she rush back to the village women meeting, she’s already so late. She promised to come back and check on her after the meeting.

Ogechi was quickly attended to, the doctors stopped the bleeding and they run some test and found out she’s three months and two weeks pregnant.

I am doctor Emeka, I am the one attending to your sister. Are you the person that brought her here? The doctor asked uchechi.

Yes yes please, how is she can I see her? Uchechi asked curiously. No not yet, she’s stable now but still sleeping. The bleeding has stopped but she will need proper care please.

Her pregnancy is very fragile and delicate, where is her husband and her mother?. The doctor asked,but uchechi couldn’t say nothing, was dumbfounded.

It’s fine, let’s just wait to till she’s awake alright. I believe she will be fine and stable soon,it would’ve been risky if she was being delayed more than this.

Uchechi stayed till evening, she was informed by the doctor that ogechi is awake. Her face was brighten up and her heart filled with joy.

She went into the ward to see ogechi, met her crying and forcing herself to talk. What wrong have I done to my mother? Ogechi cry out in pain. What if I had died? Why does she treat me like this?.

She wish me to disappear? There are many young girls who has been mistakenly pregnant but their parents never treated them this way.

I wish my father was alive, he was my best friend and companion. I would’ve had someone to fall back to. Uchechi keeping nodding while tears constantly roll down her cheeks.

Please stop, you will come out of this, you will be fine. But I don’t think you should go back to your mother. Come back with me, my mother you will accept you, you know that. Uchechi pleaded.

My mother will k’ill totally, if I dare leave the house to go live with anyone. Ogechi said crying and groaning in pains…I will endure her, but I didn’t k’ill anybody.

She treats me like I’m no longer a human being, oh God….

Ugonna it will not be well with you for what you put me through… Mama ogechi what have I really done wrong to you?. Ogechi asked herself staring at uchechi.

To be continued

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