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Monk Jailed Three Months for Stealing Computers

A FORMER University of Zambia (UNZA) student has been jailed three months imprisonment for stealing 16 computers valued at K68, 000 at the institution.

In his defence, Heniric Chisenga, 30, told a magistrate he only wanted to to install some anti-virus and repair the computers and later use them for his project with an NGO.
But this did not stop magistrate from imposing a custodial sentence on the youth who was found guilty of breaking into a building and committing a felony, an offence he had denied committing.

Evidence is that on August 18, 2023, Chisenga allegedly broke and entered into UNZA computer library and stole 16 computers with their accessories wort K68, 075, an offence he denied committing.

Lusaka Magistrate Mutinta Mwenya heard from detective sergeant Rose Chulu of Chelstone Police, that Chisenga used one of the keys to enter the Agriculture department laboratory where every student accesses the room as long as they log in a book.

Ms Chulu, who investigated the theft, said she was informed that student would be given a key to the laboratory but once the key is given to the student, it should be returned to the secretary or the Head of Department.

She after checking the log book, it showed that Chisenga had not returned the key to the computer laboratory and an attempt to reach the accused but failed as his phone was off.

Ms Chulu narrated that Chisenga was later apprehended the same day around 20:00 hours by police officers stationed at UNZA.
“He claimed he never stole the computers but that he had a project with an NGO and needed to use the computers. And when asked why he never alerted the school, he claimed he was a well-known person and always in the room where the computers were stolen”.

“It was later established that he was no longer a student at UNZA, but an ex- student of Agriculture,” Ms Chulu narrated.

She said the accused later led an investigations officer to the Veterinary hostel’s common room where Chisenga had covered the computers on a banker bed.
Ms Chulu said 15 computers were recovered and the accused was later warned and cautioned.

In her judgement, magistrate Mwenya found that there was corroborative evidence that the accused broke into the laboratory and stole the computers.

“Some computers were found after the accused led police where he took them for fixing oblivious to the university or management,” the judgement reads.

The court doubted if he was given permission to get the computers for his project, unless if it just one computer.
“All the computers were piled in some dorm and his action does seem normal to the court that he saw no problem with what he did,” the judgement reads.