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Muslims In Zambia Says Social Media Nakedness Is Killing Marriages

CHOMA District Muslim Community Leader Sheikh Saiti Maida has attributed the over 21 thousand divorce cases recorded in the Daily Mail country wide out of the 36,000 thousand recorded petitions last year to social media trends such as twerking and indecent dressing.

Maida told News Source on Saturday that the breakdown of family values and adopting of social media trends are contributing to marriage breakdown.

Maida also attributed the infidelity in some homes to obscenity on social media.

The Clergyman alluded that married couples are not transparent with each other which is leading to fights in homes eventually divorces.

And Chief Cooma said the divorce cases recorded last year across the country is very worrying and should be addressed accordingly.

Cooma said divorce is a bad vice that also contributes to homeless children suffering in the streets.

The Traditional leader, however, alleges that some people could be deliberately inducing divorce as a scheme to benefit from wealth.