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My Clever Child Was Addicted To Drugs While In School

When I was called by The University of Zambia administration to check my son who was getting worse by day, I found him in a very shocking state. He was washed out with heroine and all sorts of illegal drugs.It was very devastating.

My son,Jordan, joined University a year ago and as you know, it is the excitement of every parent to see their child succeed and get a nice paying job after education. Mine was getting to the opposite direction. Six months into joining campus, I started getting calls from my son’s friends who were concerned that he was in company of bad friends,who were influencing him to behave immorally,going to wild parties,taking drugs of all sorts and even peddling hence affecting his studies,his overall well being and even being on a risk of being expelled from University.

These were very devastating moments for me as a mother who loved my child and wishes nothing but all goodness there is for him.I even refused myself to believe since he was my favourite son. I tried to reach him but he refused to pick up my phone calls and his father’s too. When his father went to his school, the boy refused to meet him completely because he was even too drunk to talk to anybody. This was very shocking to us parents.We didn’t give up on him.

Later, we managed to take him to a rehabilitation center and I was hopeful that rehab would help him stop taking drugs but it didn’t. In fact it got worse. I was on the verge of giving up when one of my friends recommended a traditional herbalist by the name Doctor Mawanda Shafiq who, through his native herbals, would help my son stop taking alcohol and also avoid bad behavior’s and concentrate on his law studies.

I called the doctor and after he heard by frustrations, he asked me to meet him the next day for a life changing expedition. I went, and though I did not have my son, he still managed to successfully solve the issue.

True to his words, three days later my son called me when he was crying and said he was sorry for making me suffer due to his drug addiction behaviour. He also said he was not interested in drinking anymore and I was so excited that I had managed to save his life and he is now doing great in his persuit to get a law degree.

Dr. Mawanda Shafiq’s herbs work within 24 hours, and usually within the same day they are released. He handles general problems ranging from winning court cases, winning the lottery, protection of family and property, as well as accurately foretelling one’s future.

Many others who have been assisted by Dr. Mawanda Shafiq say they have received powerful healing and are now more connected to their fellow lonely hearts. Contact herbalist Dr. Mawanda Shafiq. He heals pressure, diabetes, ulcers, gonorrhea, syphilis, TB, manhood weakness among other things.

The doctor also solves life’s challenges such as love issues, family problems, hardships in business, increases your luck, that is, winning lottery games and court cases, promotions at work and clears away devilish spirits and dreams. Remember you don’t need to travel,just reach him for consultation on:
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