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My cruel husband chased me from house and i lived under a tree for a six days

My name is Patricia Thandiwe from Flower Town in Kazungula . I am a mother of handsome boy and a beautiful daughter,three months after having my second baby my husband started mistreating me he started sleeping out drinking out late and would even stay for days without coming home

He would often beat me up for no apparent reason. My marriage was becoming so difficult I tried talking to him but he just ignored me.

One day he came home with another woman. I had seen the women severally and he had introduced me to her as as his colleague at work. She told me to pack and leave the house since she was the new wife. My husband backed high up and they threw me out with my children.

I thought I was dreaming I could never imagine my husband doing this to me. I was weak I tried pleading with him but he was not taking any of my pleas. I did not have any place to go

I went to a nearby forest and lived there for days. We would go round borrowing food all day and in the evenings go under our tree to sleep. One day I met a good Samaritan and told him about my problems. That day he allowed us to sleep in his Home.

After listening to my story he told me about a traditional Dr Mawanda who would help me get my home back. He called him and the doctor did potions ,spells cast and told him I should go home tables has turned.

The minute I reached home my husband happily welcomed me and apologized for mistreating me. He had chased away the other snake woman

I am taking this opportunity to tell anyone having similar problems visit Dr. Mawanda and have your all difficult situations fixed.

The traditional doctor says his spell casting powers work within ,6 hours, and usually within the same day they are released.

You can also sms app or call Dr Mawanda at +260779652913 and have all your difficulties and ailment fixed.

Dr. Mawanda handles general problems ranging from dark sickness,luck of child, nightmares,gold problems, football luck,cafe or fraud guys,visa problems,police station case, chieftaincy wrangles, elections wins, interviews cases, failures in examination, bullet never enter you, protection from witches and secret society,winning court cases, winning the lottery, protection of family and property, as well as precisely forecast of one’s coming times.

Contact herbalist Dr. Mawanda, he heals blood, pneumonia,common cold, leprosy, sleeping sickness, pressure, diabetes, ulcers, gonorrhea, syphilis, TB, and manhood weakness in addition to other ailments.

The traditional doctor also solves life’s challenges such as love issues, family problems, hardships in business, increases your luck, that is, winning lottery games and court cases, promotions at work and clears away devilish spirits and dreams.

Mawanda Herbal Specialists’s exercises doctor-convalescent discretion neither patient’s portfolio, account (s), name nor private affairs will be split to a minor party or organization or made communal except if not patient/s on their own autonomy desires to give attestation!!



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