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Viral Gist


On that fateful Saturday, a friend came visiting. It has been long she visited us, she decided to visit us and as well brought cow meat in a black nylon, that was butchered during her sister inlaw’s funeral.

We served her food as she told us how she missed us. We missed her too because she was very energetic and was dedicated to farm works.

We had a very interactive moments with her, excluding I and my younger sister. My grandfather asked after her husband and children, she replied positively.

After they were done with their discussions, she gave my grandma the nylon, containing the meats. My grandma gave it to me and told me where to keep it, I kept it at that very place she told me to.

My grandfather told us to steam it, inorder to use it for stew the next day, but my grandma blatantly refused. She told me to bring it in her room, I kept it on her table and poured salt on the meat.

The next morning, my grandma went to where the meat was kept and noticed it has changed color, from red to black. She shouted, we all came out to know the reason for such loud shout… She showed us what she saw, my grandpa was speechless, so were I and my sister.

We thanked God, and how mentally, physically and spiritually alert and sensitive my grandma was.

No one knows the mission of that woman. But thank God still.

This was how we escaped DEATH pertaining to meat poison.

I learnt to leave many consumable things given to me by people the next day.

Becareful what you receive from people, or better leave it the next day.


Erege Ngozi Susan