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Nigerian pastors and Clergies have a lot to learn from African native doctors – Uzodimma Victor Chikwendu

Nigerian pastors and Clergies have a lot to learn from African native doctors.

Coming to Nigeria today and Africa on the whole we are befalken with pastors who are pocket minded, prosperity Preachers preaching what they cannot practice and these things they do, paint and narrative  of the Nigerian Christianity view.

Why did I say that Nigerian pastors and Clergies  have a lot to learn from the common African native doctors?  below are the reason for the both statements.

When an African native doctor prepares a charm for odishi for you they do the same for themselves they don’t go any extra mile to hire security to guide them when they know that they are bulletproof themselves excluding the case of Akwa Oku Tiwara Aki off Oba Anambra state. When native doctors call upon their gods for protection, when their clients comes for protection, they do the same for their client giving them the same charm, concussion and talisman properties which they also use to protect themselves.

On the contrary, Nigerian popular pastors and the some other African pastors and Clergies go about telling people the statement below
“May my God protect you, but my God preserve your foot that you may not dash your foot against a stone, I cover you with the blood of Jesus, you’re going out and coming in is preserved”. And yet they guide themselves by human beings. Is unfortunately that the people praying for us for protection is human using human protection for their own protection. While they feed us and give us divine protection they go at the back to equip themselves with physical protection. Now my question is:

Does it mean  that they God whom they call to protect their members cannot protect them? .

Does it mean that their members have faith in their God more than them?

How is the God that they call two inferior and too weak to protect them?

Are they deceiving their members?

Let’s try to be practicing what we are preaching don’t reach what you cannot practice if you cannot do it don’t tell others to do it.